Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Where have you been?!!!

On a long and wonderful trip.  This is the end of the trip.  Why?  Because when my pictures down loaded from my phone, it down loaded over 8500!  Every picture I have ever taken or saved from on line.  Geeze..... what a mess.

The trip was great!  Took 1 1/2 years to plan.  And I have always been told don't say anything about traveling before you go.  People could use that info to break into your house or accounts.  Well something happened to my email account and I couldn't use that for 3 weeks!  Actually I didn't have wifi for the first 2 weeks either.  What's a girl supposed to do?

So there are dragons on cathedrals in Munich.  Wonderful!  I love this!  So I can either tell you about the trip from the end to the beginning, or just blather away about any of it. 

Another part of the cathedral in Munich.  Love that place!Europe and England have beautiful buildings that took centuries to build.  Talk about job security!  The workmanship is super!  I was drooling at all that!  Took pictures of doors, railings, all kinds of artistic things!

Statues of cupids killing dragons, snakes, and chickens were by the fountains.

Pretty great stuff to me!

More of the cathedral with some gold statue in front of it.

This is part of the clock!  Parts all move around and there are many, many bells that ring out.  the details were great.

This is in the palace gardens.  Many statues!

This is just a small building on the grounds of the palace.  very ornate!

Not sure if I took this one or if it got mixed up in my pictures.  But I love this door.

This is at the German Museum of Transportation!  Cousin to the WV Bug!

Had great drawings of things when there weren't any actual photos of things back then.

I like this bike!  Covered, has gears, and electronic to help you out.

And there were so many beer gardens!  Beer was cheaper than bottled water!  So we did have plenty of beer. 

The posts would list which brewery was selling there.

And this was a strange little man all done in white in the heat that was there!  So I got a couple of pictures of him.

Fountains are in every city, with fresh spring water coming out of every one!  That's in every country!

Another fantastic door!

All statues and buildings with ledges were covered with this netting.  Too many pigeons, and their poop is very acidic.  So to stop the buildings from dissolving, the netting is used.
Ok, the trip started up in England.  Visited with Mum and family for about 10 days.  Sounds like a lot, but all of a sudden its over and you didn't get to see and do everything you wanted to! 
Then we went to Amsterdam for two days.  Interesting chaos.  Over 1 million bikes there!  And they are in motion or locked up everywhere!!!  I mean everywhere!  Even have barges docked by the river to hold hundreds of bikes!  The canals were interesting, and the history of the city. 
Ok, then onto the Viking River Ship for the cruise up the Rhine!  Wow... more on that at another time when I can find all the pictures of the food!!!!  Everyday we went on day trips.  saw 2 castles, 2 cathedrals, and beautiful cities and country side. 
Then down to Zurich.  3 times more expensive than we ever figures.  THE Swiss banks are there where people hide their money...and it's not that hidden on the streets.  You wouldn't believe the expensive cars.  Porsches are their every day drives... got it?
Then to Munich after 3 nights in Zurich.  We stayed 7 or 8 day s there.  We used Air B&B places.  Interesting.  Not fancy, but they were in the center of the cities where we wanted to be and they didn't break the bank. 
That's the brief summary.  More will be posted as I get the pictures figures out....

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