Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Takes time to tell you of the trip!

This was part of a wall that was painted.  Love the colors and designs.

didn't have wall paper back then, so they painted the walls with their history.

Ok, he wasn't in this castle, but he could have been!

Here's some of the armor from different ages.  The yellow one has design like on the Porsche emblem.

I love the doors and the details of things.  They had time and the craftsmen ship to make things beautiful.  Look at the hinges!

Strange little openings to let water drain out or animals in?

Steep and uneven, so it anyone attacked the castle, it would be more difficult.

The black smith shop was to make the doors and useful things.

More of the main entrance.

Love this box!  How do you think it really locks up?

another great door!

An look at this lock!  Amazing.

Then this was the day we were sailing up the Rhine and it got very narrow....seemed to be a lookout building on every hill along the way.

This was on an island.  If you didn't pay the toll (way back when) then the donkeys would pull a rope or chain up in the river and you couldn't pass.

Going up a road to another castle.

I love the towns.

This castle was constantly being built upon.  You could see the difference in the buildings each generation.

This was the moat, but it wouldn't hold water, or it kept getting stagnant.  So they kept people down there that didn't pay their taxes... or put deer down there to hunt.
The stories are wonderful from these places.  No wonder there are so many children's books about knights, and ladies.  Art is fantastic, and the details are always inspiring. 
Get out and see places.  My pictures are still a mess, but it's so fun to look through them!

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