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Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sorting out pictures of the trip!

Still haven't gotten them sorted out from the phone to the laptop.  I have 8500 pictures in the phone that all down loaded, and they are all mixed up!!!  UGH.    This picture is driving to Enid's house through a small town!  Very tight roads.  They were built before cars!

Enid's house.  Love the plants.  Every where are beautiful gardens.  Just wonderful.

Across the way is the neighbor's Porsche.  He was washing it before storing it. 

Enid!  Out pulling weeds.

Lots of gardens to take care of.

Mmmm?  Are there dragons there?

Terry looking for places to take pictures while we went on a walk in Ingleton.

This display is in a smaller town that has always had dairy farms. 

Terry with Enid in Barnard Castle, a small village close to where Enid lives.

I took many pictures of doors over there.  Great hinges.  Now since my photos are all mixed up, there may be pictures of doors that I have saved from Face Book.

Center of Barnard Castle! 

More beautiful door parts.

This is a public walk way.  It's been there for centuries.  Public walk ways are for use through private property.  Just stay on the path.

Enid's was cooking and setting things up for the day that the family came over!  Good food.

This was at the train station.  People can take dogs every where in England and Europe.  Every dog is TRAINED and behaves in public.

This was in Whitby.  We went over there on the coast for 2 nights and stayed in an Air B&B.  Very interesting.

Leslie!  She was my maid of honor 36 years ago.  And we were together on our anniversary! 

Whitby is really nice.  We were sitting out and watched the bridge in the background open up.  It turned in the center and swung around.

This is how I really remember Les!  Just a lot of fun!  Our parents knew each other before we were born.  I was a March babe, and she's from June.

Ok,.... the Air B&B was up these stairs...

and keep going up these stairs....

and up some more....

yes, these...

turn here, and a step....

turn right and up....

these!  last door on the left.  31 steps to get to the door.  It's a coastal town, all built on the sides of the hills around the cove.  Once inside it was really nice.  3 stories, Terry and I slept on the top floor.  So we got our work out on that trip!!! 
We had a blast walking around this little village.  Terry took some great pictures.  Leslie and I went through the shops.  We ate at pubs.  Great fish and chips!  It is a fishing village, so there was plenty of choices of fish.
We took Les back to the train in Darlington and she got back to Scotland that way.  Next time, we want to spend time at her house.  She built a new one right on the coast.  Beautiful view from the cliffs.  You would think that 10 days was enough time to see everyone and do all the things you want to, but scheduling things around other peoples lives slows it down. 
Next time, I'll show you pictures of Amsterdam and the river cruise.  Right now I'm trying to get back into the swing of things here.  Quilt meetings are happening.  The washer needs some fixing (won't run the cleaning cycle.).  Had the ADT people over to get that updated... cars need oil changes.. and I needed the chiropractor and a massage this week.  My tired old body is not happy with all that we did.
We walked 5 to 7 miles a day after the river cruise.  We took public transportation so we had to drag our suitcases with us.  We each had one suitcase, one pack back, and my CPAP bag.  Ok, doesn't sound like much, until you start running to catch a train!  or walk from the train station to the hotel.  We did ok, but I need the gym to keep in shape to vacation!
On another note that I'm not happy about, my challenge for the Cherrywood fabric company, didn't get in.  But they said something about doing more with other entries.  They got in 465 entries.  I don't know how many they took, but for the cost of the fabric we each had to pay, they made money.  So I will enter mine into a show or two...and sell it. 

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  1. Hi, Patty,
    Thanks so much for posting photos, yesterday and today, from your recent trip. BTW, I think you do a great job of captioning. (Looking forward to the other 8,400 or so. Ha ha.)
    I especially thank you for the pictures of Enid and her home. I talked with her this morning, and she told me that you may have even more from a party in her back yard with neighbors and friends?
    Anyway, if you find some spare time, could you please send me any pictures of Enid and her home, and Ingleton and the surrounding areas. I’d love to see them. I guess the best plan would be to attach them to an email.
    My email address is:
    My phone number is: (970) 882-4519, in case you need to verify anything.
    As your mom would say,
    Love and hugs,
    Lee Mayhew