Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

More pictures.

It's 93degrees, and 97% humidity.  What else can you do in this heat?  I'm piecing a quilt and then this blog.  Tomorrow is the eclipse, and I don't think I'll be outside too long!  This picture is of an old turnstile base in Amsterdam.  I love the design of the old parts of town.

This was the building that over looked the turnstile.  I would love to live in this!  All glass downstairs and great view from upstairs. 

Ships around the harbor had cool designs.

And the bikes that had been parked sooo long,

That the flowers grow up through them.

Amsterdam was beautiful. 

These are the huge machines which were used to repair and build ships!  Don't they look like big sewing machines! 

Very cool.

Now we saw an add for this.  It's wool "armor". 

And a picture of the harbor before it started to rain.

And dinner on the ship!!!  I had a rib eye.


Other tasty foods!



I don't remember this one, but my pictures are so mixed up.  I do love this with the gears.

At the windmills!!!  These are some of the tools used to make the parts of the windmill.  The part to the right front, is one of the large wheels that the top sits on to be moved to face the wind.  There were 40 that the top sits on.  You can't even lift that!

Ah, the shoes.

Wind mill at the distance.

This is the new pumping station, diesel.

I really loved seeing the windmills up close.

Inside was set up very well, using every bit of space.  Kitchen is right by the big wheel turning to pump water.

3 stories up.

the shoes..our guide said they were only good to put plants in.

The main bed for the parents and the kids slept in the drawers.

And they had the hand crank sewing machine!


In the distance, you can see a water tower.  It's for sale!  People are buying them and turning them iinto Air B&B.  We would love to do that!!!

And on to seeing another old city.  Have to look in my journal to remember which one it is!

1st. cathedral we saw!  Amazing.

Now I think I goofed when I loaded this one.... I don't think we saw this.  But it's a cool looking castle!

Beside the cathedral is the working area to repair blocks and statues.  Talk about job security! 
Well, it's time to go figure out dinner...
Stay cool!  and have fun!

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