Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

More of Whitby and Amsterdam.

Driving on the "other" side of the road....

Whitby is very narrow little streets.

And lots of stairs!

just love the rows of houses.  Many are for rent.

Nice ships to look at and ride.

And the jetties that protect the cove.

yes there are still a phone box here and there.

Here's Enid.  we went walking through the gardens at Raby Castle.  Beautiful place, as you can see.

The hedges are carved... but no real sense to them.  I asked the gardener who was there.  He said some people see elephants, others see clouds.

I think they just reached as far as they could until they had to move the ladders.

View from the garden gate up the hill to the castle.

Here's the map of the gardens.

every section was beautiful.

This is my favorite castle.

Each big section took 10 years to complete.  Can you imagine hiring a contractor to get your castle done...?

This is the other side.  The moat does not go all the way around it now.  And there was a blue-green alge in the water...

This picture slipped in.  I don't remember where this one was from.  But we ate well over there!  I think Enid ordered this one.

Amsterdam was a bike zoo.  There are over 1 million bikes there.  And either people are riding them or they are locked up or in the canals!

And here are the canals.

Fresh water canals around the city!

The boats are hooked into the sewer systems, electrical, and water.

The boats are all very different.

This bridge, you can look under and see 15 other bridges.... too far for me to count.  But I got the shot.

Love all the different bikes over there!!!

Cargo, and kids.

And tiny cars that can get around where the bikes do.

Now some bikes have been parked so long, that the flowers are growing through them.  I don't think there is any service that picks up old bikes.
Plenty more pictures to come.  Just tired today and will get more done tomorrow.

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