Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

trying to clear the table!

Got the binding on this one for the charity quilt to the hospitality house.

Binding on this one.  Probably a give away one.

Made (yet) another bag to use on the trip.  Pocket on this side...

zipper pocket and a top loading pocket on this side.

inside, two pockets on one side.

Then three over lapping each other on this side.  The round one is for a water bottle to stand up in there.

I did get this one all done.  Can't remember if I put the picture up or not.
Just so much going on right now.  Can't seem to keep up with what happened and what's coming up!  The Modern quilt show is up at the Gallery at 100 Gay Street in Knoxville!  Going to go see that tomorrow.  The SMQ show goes up and is open on the 16/17th at the Expo Center in Knoxville.  The Lavender Festival is in Oak Ridge, TN on the 17th. 
Ran around to get the trailer into the storage place today and got the Subaru out for a service appointment on Thursday morning.  Got new glasses and a second pair to just wear in the sewing room!!!  All the closeup work by hand should be easier now. 
Got a "quilt in a box" yesterday from a great friend, to sew together and hand quilt.  I will do this one for her.  We have known each other for over 25 years!  So much has happened to both of us in that length of time, and we understand completely.  We have quilting in common and it keeps us together mentally, and emotionally. 
There's more things on the calendar that are coming up and I have 3 classes/talks in August at the Atomic Fiber Shop in town.  So I have to start digging things out for samples and to show.  Then my son's good friend is getting married soon and I'm going to let him give them a quilt.  It might involve letting them come over to choose clearing off the table...omg. 
So?  What's on your calendar for this summer?  Relaxing or running around?  Both probably.  Don't forget to breath and put your feet up.  Cut out a new project and get it ready to quilt this next winter. 
One of my wonderful quilting friends is going to have surgery this week.  I know I shouldn't worry, but it's hard not to.  Go hug your friends.  Call them, and tell them stories and jokes.  That's what friends are for!  And bring chocolate!

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  1. The second pic is the one I put on the free table. Your quilting makes it. Love what you did!