Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Hawaiian quilts!

I adore Hawaiian Quilts!  Got this one appliqued down.  I was going to take it on a trip....lots of work in a small baggy.... but this one was way to big to carry in a suitcase!

I cut out the light green for the leaves first and it was too bright.  So do you throw it away?  Nope, cut out the darker green and sewed that down over it.  Adds more color and sparkle!  All Hand Appliqued.  So I found a fabric that works color wise for the backing, and there was enough yardage... which led me to the next one to cut out!

Not this one... I bought this one at the small quilt sale at SMQ's show!  My colors!

And this is a castle I designed.  Needle turn applique on the stones!  If you look close, there is gold netting in some of the windows as if the lights are on!

THIS is the next Hawaiian one I cut out yesterday.  I designed it also.  That is not hard.  Anyone every cut out snowflakes from paper as a kid?  Same thing.  I drew it out on freezer paper first.  Making adjustments as I went along.

Still pinned down, and today, I will baste it.  Not sure if this will be on a trip or just get dragged to bee every week!

Terry has been busy!  We had these 2 rain barrels for years.  And he got this built to hold them up and catch the rain behind our shed.  No water back there for the there will be!

Now climbing back up our steep back yard!  Here's the view of the deck and garden. 

I did get some lavender at the festival and put it in a pot for this year.  Want to see how big the plant gets before putting it in the dirt.  Nice hosta there, and plenty of weeds behind that!  Yea, I still have to finish the weeding...

Deck was pressure washed and stained!  Looks so wonderful now and the sun shouldn't ruin it this summer!  Hopefully, it will last for a couple of summers.
Owning a house is never ending work and repairs but when it gets done, for a few days, it's wonderful! 
Back to the basting!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Eye Candy time again!

OK!  How many purses can you make... this is the inside of the lastest one.  Pocket for the cell phone on the right.  Another small pocket for other important things.

Turn it over, one big pocket, and another that is down inside that one.  Kind of a hidden pocket.

Now for SMQ's quilt show.  Well worth going to!  Love the quilting in this one!  By machine... I'll never get to this level!


Lots of dogs in this show!

I love the bright color quilts! 

And great quilting in this one too!!!

Here's mine!  Spare Logs.  Plenty of fun making this one!

Very soft colors and exact work.  I love it.  I'll never do something this exact.  Just goes against my mess creative side!

This quilt was beautiful!!! 

Look at the quilting in it!  BY HAND!!!

This got just for fun!  Too cute and great quilting in it!

Close up!

Again!  Fun stuff!!  Are you sure he's ours?

Nice log cabin variation!!!

Tone did this for he grand baby and didn't tell her daughter!  So she came and got a nice surprise at the show!!!

Just love this one!  Has circles!

Here's mine!  Hard to see the flowers in the rectangles.  All hand quilted!

Some were on display only.  This was a kit all hand cross stitched and hand quilted.  Very sweet and wonderful to see it done.

Love this one!  Appliqued!  Very cool.

And Best of show!  Can you guess who did it?  You know!  Linda Roy!  She's a super quilter.  All hand done!  These are my colors!  I'll never make one this intricate.  Rouching, embroidery, all kinds of techniques in it!

Look closer!

Just beautiful.

Lots of tiny stitches!

And Mali's quilts!  I found myself drawn to her work!  Just great!  Wonderful colors and unexpected shapes!!! 

I was taking pictures of quilts and realized that I took pictures of all her entries! 
The show was fun.  I got to see lots of people from SMQ.  I dropped out of that guild over a year ago.  Just didn't want to drive down in to Knoxville anymore.  I found other great guilds much closer to home.  One in Oak Ridge, and one in Norris.  Then I joined the Modern quilt guild in Knoxville, but they meet Saturday morning.  Each guild has it's own "style" and "flavor" of quilting.  It's fun to see the quilts.
Got to get sewing!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Eye Candy time!

The modern quilt show is up for the month at 100 Gay Street art gallery.  The show has a wonderful selection of quilts made by the local Modern quilt guild.  I needed to have a list of who made which, but they didn't have a print out.

So what is Modern quilting?  There isn't an exact description! 

Some people think you have to use specific colors.  Or have a large negative (or empty of design) space.

Or do a twist on a traditional design.

Newer fabrics are coming out in very different colors.

Simpler designs are a good bases.

Lots of grays.

Modern is NOT traditional....

Or is it?

Big spaces for simpler quilting.

Or a break from what you have been doing for years!

This is better when you see it.  Pictures don't always get the colors well. 

Here's the break from tradition.

Or resizing tradition!

smaller blocks,

With larger sashing.
I can remember when "contemporary" label for a category came about.  (yes, I'm that old...)  You have to describe that be eliminating traditional, pictorial, and other familiar catagories.  Then the newest style was the one that didn't fit into those catagories.  Like trying to put different music into catagories, so you can find it in the stores.  I think it's the shows that need the different groupings so it's easier to be judged. 
I went to the modern quilt show in Georgia, and noticed that the quilting was way overboard when I was  told that the negative space was for a simple straight line design.  That was the maker could get it done quicker.  Not so in the show.  You can tell that the over quilted ones were makers who had always quilted that way, and now can make tops quicker to show off their quilting.  Ok, but where do you draw the line on that?
I have also noticed in the AQS magazine, that the machine quilting is in 2 groups!  What?  Yes, the long arm, and the stationary machines!  So, do you move the quilt or the machine!  They get 2 different catagories and double the prizes....while the hand quilters in most shows are a single ribbon/award.... Now I have been hand quilting all this time, and would love to see the hand quilting all by itself again!
Just saying...