Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Where does the time go?!

I did the cataloging, and still need more of either of these books.  They are out of print, but I have heard of many people who got them and never used them.  I'll take them off your hands!

This is the quilt top for the hospitality house charity that Ritzy Thimbles always gives quilt to.  It's farther along than this picture...but I love the hot colors!

"Spare Logs" is done!  Going to a couple of shows this summer.  Lots of hand quilting in it!

another smaller piece done...

This was a project that I saw in a magazine.  Terry was getting rid of the wool sweater that had moth holes in it, so I got to cut it up and use it in this project!  Makes a cute book cover!

Then at the yardsale at a guild meeting, I got a preprinted panel and quilted this up!  Here it is with the blue markings still on it.

And now with the markings washed off.  I really enjoyed quilting it. 
There has been weeding, trimming, and all kinds of outside work being done...and I would rather be inside.  But the garden needs help.  There are appointments galore coming at us!  Wednesday and Thursday I will be at an AARP driving school.  Now why?  Well we do drive at tracks, but this short course will take off some of the car insurance payments!  So why not!  It's 4 hours each day.  Not a biggy.  Besides, they might update us on new laws of the road, and other things that have changed in the last 50 years...whoa...I've been driving for 50 years!!!  So it doesn't hurt to have an update.  They do that to all these computer things all the time!  But it's cutting into my workout time, Bee, and sewing times.
Go grab life and have some fun in any time you can find!!!

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