Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

When is the quilt really done?

Finished quilting it!  Then take pictures. 

Get a couple of angles.  And show the quilting lines.

Close up on the square.  Now is it done?  Nope!
You should sew on the casing so it is ready to hang if you are entering it in a show or going to display it at any time.  Next the label.  What do you put on it?  I put the name of quilt.  No name?  Then at least put down it's untitled and a number.  Easier to keep a record of it and that's important if you ever send it out of the house.  Next on the label, who worked on it, everyone's name.  If it's for a present, then put that info on there.  Then a contact, address, and phone number!  You'd be surprised how many quilts get left behind, miss placed, or stolen.  If you have this on there, it could find it's way home.  I also put the size of the quilt on the label.  I can not tell you how many times I remeasured quilts to enter shows, when it finally hit me, just put the size on the labels.!
Ok, I don't, DON'T, put the date on the label.   All has to do with entering quilt shows.  Let's say you finished a quilt at the very end of one year.  The show only wants quilt made in the last two years.  What difference would 1 month make?  So I do keep track of it.  But now, in my mind, the quilt is finished when it gets to it's FIRST show!  Why not!  It's all in how you look at things.

So last weekend, Mike, Terry and I went to Road Atlanta and had some fun!  Mike doesn't drive on the track, he rode with Terry...or gave it a go.  Didn't last many laps.  It's not easy to keep from getting carsick on a track!
I drove and did the fastest ever!  I'm 10 seconds less than Terry, but I'm better than ever!  Too much Fun!!!

Terry unhooking the trailer.

Our little car is ready to go!  Road Atlanta is 2.54 miles a lap.  It is a very fun track!
So I'm home catching up on things and realized I had to finish sewing on the casing and make a label.  Food shop, go get new glasses... etc. 
Thinking of the laps! 

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  1. Michael looks like he was having a good time! Nice to spend time with him, I bet.