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Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, April 10, 2017

cataloging my quilts...

I finished these 2 swirly pieces.  I love cutting out different shapes in swirls and doing needle turn applique.

This one is my fabric guitar!  I embroidered the strings on it....
Did get the Square Dance piece done and it's ready for a show.

Also finished "Spare Logs".  It will be in a couple of show this summer.

Now comes the hard part.  I need more of these books to catalog my quilts!  I went to figure out which quilts to enter in which shows... and I haven't been cataloging since the middle of 2012!  OMG!  What in the world... well, we had been gutting out parts of our house since 2010 to remodel, so my stuff got moved around and shoved into a drawer.  So I was taking pictures of things, but not everything!  I also have lists for each year (when I remember to add things on) and then a master list to double check against the yearly lists.  And needless to say, neither was complete.  UGH. 
So I started to catch up by printing out pictures from now to go backwards, until I came across pictures that I had printed out years ago.  That took 2 days of going through the files.  Then I had to try and get the pictures in chronological order in the books without sticking them down... then going through the yearly lists to get them in a better order, and check with the master list.
What's on the lists... the title, the size, the date finished, and any description or who it may have been for.... which the lists didn't all have that on there!  There were plenty that was incomplete or just not on there.  Names of who they belonged to, long gone from my head!  Some pictures I looked at, I couldn't even remember working on them.  So in about 4 1/2 years, there were over 100 pieces that I had worked on, and not cataloged!
OK, I also used to keep very good records about which quilts went to which shows.  If they got any awards, or anything else.  Again 2 files for reference, one was 3 x 5" cards, one for each show.  Then a book that hold pictures, which I had a picture of each quilt that was mine for shows, with a 3 / 5" card with info on which show each quilt had gone to.  It was great...when you fill them in!    I'm so far behind in that, it will never be correct.  All shows have limits on how old quilts can be when made, before you can enter them.  So that part is pretty important.
Now I stopped entering shows about 5 or 6 years ago.  Mainly because of costs.  Shipping jumped up because of gas shortages, and never went down when gas prices did.  Entry fees jumped up a bunch!  And many other rules and restrictions were added.  Not to mention, the shows all wanted CD's of pictures not slides or just print outs.  Now I hand quilt...I don't have a clue about putting pictures onto cd's... you have to know how many pixels are in your camera...are those the little fairies that add the dots of colors?  How should I know how many are in my camera!!!!
Things at home changed and I was slowing down on taking in commission work, or so I thought.  When word got out that I was not going to take in more, then suddenly, a bunch of people all wanted one quilted by me before I stopped taking them in...added a bunch more to the pile, and my ego was happy.  But my hands were hurting! 
Then last year I was trying to make a quilt top a month and get some of my ideas into fabric before those left my head.  I got about 9 or 10 tops made up.  Ok, then you should quilt them!  Now I understand why there are so many unfinished quilts in everyone's house!  I have gotten a couple quilted...but not enough.
So what show's do I enter?  I thought it was about 3, but no... there are more than that this year.
The Modern quilt show is in June at an art gallery in Knoxville.
SMQ's show is also in June, but one weekend at the Expo Center.
Norris's show is the 4th of July every year, but not this year.  Not enough members will be in town to help out with all that it takes.
The Art Center has an open art show and I like to put in a quilt so people will at least consider a quilt as a piece of art!
And the Asheville quilt show sometime in September.  A GREAT, wonderful show!!! If you only go to one show this whole year, go to this one!  They had over 400 quilts last year!  And not the same ones that you see over and over again in the big shows put on my Mancuso or AQS.  Now don't get me wrong, those are great shows, but with the huge prize money in those, you get the same super great quilts in everyone.  So if you get to one of those, you have pretty much seen all those shows for the year.  Asheville, on the other hand, has some fantastic quilters that don't send theirs to all those biggy shows.  And their quilts are just as fantastic as the over priced, over published, done up shows. 
When you go to a show, are you drooling over the quilts or do you just find yourself swallowed up by the vendors?  Most of the big shows have so many sewing machines and quilting machines, that there doesn't seem to be much for the hand quilters.  Do you know that McCall's quilting magazine won't put in articules about hand quilting because they say NO one does it any more!  Just because they don't see it in the shows, they think it doesn't exsist!  It's not in the shows, because we can't compete against the machine quilting that is every 1/8 of an inch.  (Wow, did I just go off topic....)
I have gotten enough done the last 8 days until I can figure out which quilts I can send to which show.  You have to watch for overlapping of show times.  Modern and SMQ are held at the same time.  Art Center and the Asheville show also overlap.  No shipping, but it means days to deliver and pick up have to be remembered! 
I wasn't going to enter one show.  I dropped out of their membership, and had to pay the higher price.  No biggy, but then at the door, they charged me to get into see the quilts!  Found out later that it was not so!  Did I get back the $  I wasn't going to enter again this year, but other people in the guild want my quilts there, and they said they would get it straightened out.  And then she wants my quilts there....ok!  I'm good. 
I'm in three guilds now.  And they are fun!  I have more than enough challenges that seem like a great bunch of ideas.  They each have charities that quilts go to.  And I'm very busy making enough to go around.  Also have many block exchanges, gift swaps, classes and presentations!  So I'm good.  I need to get to some of the challenges right now!  More venting (I'm sure) at a later time.
If you have any of the 2 Quilter's Registers, I will beg, borrow, or buy them from you!