Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, March 26, 2017

The rest of Pigeon Forge show

So many beautiful quilt there!  So here's 55 more pictures!  I loved them all or I wouldn't have taken pictures! 

Nice color wheel with the flowers was a great touch.

Got the name cards on some.  ( I don't always remember to do that!

Loretta's prefectly pieced quilt!

I love the zebra ones that I have seen.

The guild had a challenge to do black and white and one other color.

Then this border was great!!!

I really want to do a bargello some day!

Love the bug!  My sister still has the one that Mom and Dad bought in 1972.

And I love flying geese!!!

Very cool design!

a true modern quilt!

this was a panel that was really put together with great piecing!

Ok, I love this...and I'll never do one.  Paper piecing is not easy for me, so I  just don't do it.  This was wonderful.

There was a woman standing beside this and we got to talking with her.  She was this pattern/kit at home and is putting it together.  Was having trouble getting the very middle block to go together well.  So Gloria and I talked to her and gave her some suggestions to try!  I hope she gets it together.

Great geese!  You can really see the colors in the background fabric in the picture. 

There were 2 waterfall quilted wall hangings that were so well done!  Amazing.

This has all different yoyo's on all the animals and parts!  Just too cute!


This was amazing. 

Beads everywhere, colored dots, and great stitching.

Another wow...

This was a great one for spring. 

Modern!  Love it.

This was one in that auction to raise money for the Dollywood Foundation which is helping families who lost homes and businesses.  I loved this one. 

More of the auction.

This is in the auction and I got IT!!!  Love the blue spools!!  I took the close up (next)  because if I didn't get it, then I was going to make it.  Which seldom do they get done.  I was thrilled to get the call!  They will ship it to me.


Last one that I took a picture of in the auction.  There were 105 quilts.  They sold them all and raised over $18,000 for the charity!

This was cool looking the way it looks woven.

This quilt I really want to make!  So I took several pictures of blocks in it....

Last cutie pie!  This is the top part...

...and this is the bottom part!  Adorable quilt.

There is a book with this pattern in it!  One woman there beside it said she was making her own in different colors.  You can add any blocks that you want and she showed me the bicycle block that she had made to fit in it.
my typing is terrible tonight.  I have been backspacing more than going forward!  Plenty to do this week!  I did get some gardening done, but barely scratched the surface of what has to get done.  So we'll see if I can get some more done this week.  It rained today, so I was fine with staying in!
Quilt shows just get me excited about starting more quilts and digging out ones in progress.  I haven't touched the one in the frame for over a week, but have been working on the Hawaiian one, doing needle turn.  Love that.   So another week will zoom past while I try to get more quilting in!

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