Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, March 24, 2017

Pigeon Forge Eye Candy!

Nice Show!  Some very different ways of designs coming through.

Tried to get the close up of the name tags too.

Some good old stand by's!  Love the boots.

Applique was out in full force through out the show!  Really  lovely.

I loved this one!  Didn't get an award.  So it's what you are up against and what the judge likes and what the guild has instructed them to look for.

This was fun!

Bright colors made things stand out.

I love the mixture of the log cabin, and flying geese! 

Plenty of points... I'll never do one of these.

Massive amounts of points!

And the birds of paradise.

These are fun quilts.  Looks like water rippling around.  I want to make one of these!

More great applique.

Interesting use of color in this.

And a simple bargello!  Like waves!  I love this one.

This was fun!  Messmerizing the was the colors move and the arrows get your eyes moving.

I think of spring with this. 

The picture didn't do this one any justice.  It had a lot of depth to it.

And the curved flying geese!  with log cabin parts! 

Very cool!

More spring colors!

The different length of the points was interesting!

this one is great!  You could sit and eat and stare at it!

close up of some of the butterflies!
More to come in the next couple of days.  I'm home with more ideas and too much on the table!  Been washing up the new fabrics!  Of course it's "that" time of the year to trim bushes.  I have skipped that for 2 years, so I don't think I can skip it again. 
There are quilts for auction at the show.  The money goes to the Dollywood funds to help out people who lost their homes and businesses in the fire.  I bid on one.  I will be showing that later.  Be nice if I got it, but there are several more days to the show.  If you want a quilt, there is quite a choice!  They were hoping for around 40, and they got over 100!  All sized and colors. 
I had seen one last year that I wanted to buy from the maker.  She said yes, and there was one more show that she was sending it to.  Then we didn't seem to connect with our busy lives.  then the fire!  Her home and all that was there were completely lost.  I would have been devastated, but she said she couldn't wait to go on a shopping spree to Handcocks in Paducah!  Good frame of mind.
So?  If you were going to grab one or two things to get out before a fire, what would you take?  Always an interesting concept. 

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