Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, March 4, 2017

More quilts!

The modern show was really interesting.  I love the groups of colors with the white backgrounds. 

This was a cool mixture of gradations. 

close up so you can see the bargello that was done to get the effect.

This was just cool!  And the straight line quilting on most was so well done.

black and white designs are always striking.

The quilting repeats the design of the colors.

It took me a while to see this.... "The Kiss".  The black is the space between the lips.

I didn't like this when I first saw it.  But through the camera lens, it looks much different.  Many quilts were like that.

Oh, I'm a Harry Potter fan.  Very well done.

Just fun!

3-D.  Very well done.

I just like the line designs!  Interesting.

I guess this is the next step in quilting.  I like modern.  Though many in the show didn't fit the description.  But I can remember when "contemporary" started.  No one could come up with a clear description of that either.

Just one you can stare at and enjoy.

Now this one I didn't realize there was a face in there until I was reviewing the pictures!  See the purple eye at the top...

My favorite colors!  Nice on the eyes.

Simple and complete.


Like the white squares on the top and bottom. 

The picture doesn't do it justice...

Here's the close up of part!  The quilting was fun! 
So rules were made to be broken or twisted.  Try out something on your own.  There really are NO rules.  As long as you are having fun, enjoy the process.  I've had plenty that turned out like crap.  But it's a learning process.  Try doing small pieces.  Then add something to it.  Start another like it and change a color or shape.  Don't make things like others.  A pattern is a diving board.  Go out on it and mix it up.  Make it your own. 

I give you permission to try something new!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the pics from your trip. Wish I could have gone with you all! I'll finally be back in Knoxville Monday. See you at bee!