Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, February 27, 2017

So tired after the trip!

Here's a few more from the show.  All very different and creative!

I did a log cabin similar to this 20 years ago, but mine was for a double bed.  It's over in England. 

Love the composition of this one.  Nice colors.

I didn't see the 9 until I looked through the camera!  Very clever.

My colors!

This was all big stitches!  there were several that were hand quilted!  So that is not disappearing.

Nicely done.

Just a fun play of the pattern and colors.

And some were covered with machine quilting.  Nice setup.

Simple is great!

i spy!  Love all the circles.

Very well done!

energy in some of them.

And this one is "My Cat Is A Jerk".  Too clever. 
Shows are inspiring to me.  I don't always like all the quilts in any show.  I also would have chosen others for ribbons than the judges. 
So why do you quilt?  For the love of fabric?  Do you want to win?  Or just put them in to see them hanging up?  Presents, or give to a charity?  It's all wonderful to sew and make the fabric into great designs.  I love to just make and have a joke in it.  Have fun and enjoy the process.  You usually end up with the quilt at home!  They should make you smile, or someone should love them!

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