Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

the week flew past me!

Finished!  Been dragging this one to bee for months and picking at it.  It was 3 blocks in a panel and I cut them apart.  Then made the blocks to fill in around the panels of flowers.

Each panel has a white flower and a colorful one.  the stems you can't really see in the pictures, but I quilted along them.

the squares, I just quilted easily around the small square, with the quilting lines 1/3 around each side.  No marking.

Ok, then I got several charm packs at one of the quilts' Christmas parties... and they aren't my colors, but I do like to try new things.  Even new colors.  Sewed them together.

Then you cut them apart with a special template. You can see the edge that is cut.

And you sew them back together again and get this is what you get!  The first time I saw this, it was called "Square Dance".  And I have a book... somewhere in this room.... And I have another template that was too big for the size of the charm packs.  So I made another template.  It was easier than going through the over 400 books that I have!

And it came out like this.  (There are also several other projects waiting on the design wall for time and inspiration to line up!)

Add a couple of borders and some little blocks in the bottom corner!  Ta Da!  And it's basted and ready to go... and it's in the pile of ready to go items.

This is for the Quilter's Treasure's Challenge.  "Go Green" theme.  It got done just in time with some urging from my sister!  She said to get it done!  Not a great picture, but again, it's done. and sent in.

OK!  This is one that I had fun putting together from my scrap bags.  Did add a few bits from my stash.  Basted it and it's in the frame!

See?  And I'm doing some simple quilting lines going in different directions.  Guessing as I go along!

This panel of the dragon, I got in Chattanooga at the quilt show.  Only thing I bought there.  I have several pieces of fabrics that are for making kimonos. That's the wide blue on the left and bottom.  Just seemed to go with it all.

Basted and (you guessed it,) ready to go!  it's in the cupboard with the stack.

Here's the dragon!  He's wonderful!

I'm quilting on this one.  More to come as I go along on this.

Did you know that I love to decopage?  This is the second guitar case that I'm at a time!  And I use them as suitcases.  No I don't play... I'm so bad on every instrument that I have ever tried.  I best stick with fabric and colors.

AND I ordered the blues to try the Van Gogh challenge put on by the Cherrywood company.  They dye all the fabrics and they look like swede.  That is due by August 1.  Since I will be out of the country around that time... I had better get this duck to the front of the line.
So I thought I hadn't gotten anything done lately!  Then I emptied the camera, and omg!  I have been working.  Just that things have kept me spinning lately.  Too much to go into, and family stuff.  I always thought that when I "do" a blog, that I would try to keep it to sewing and not much family stuff. 
Sometimes I sew to work through things.  My mind either empties, or I work things out on what is going on.  I guess it's getting emptied out!  But if I keep this up, I will have way too many quilts to even keep in the storage room. 
I have a friend who is selling off most of her fabrics, quilting supplies, etc.  So I can tell I will be bringing things home soon.  Do I need more?  Heck NO!  But she has great taste, and can no longer keep quilting.  Hands have a way of making us stop.  So she will feel better if these things go to other quilters and they will enjoy them.  And she could use the money for other things.
Life is too short.  Cut the good fabric and have fun making beautiful things.  Don't worry about leaving things behind.  No one will forget you.  You can always make something really, I mean REALLY ugly just to scare the crap out of someone clearing your things out!  I have a friend who has hidden a $100 bill in her sewing room, just to have her sister check through everything!  I told her it should have been two $50 just to keep her going!
I haven't been great at keeping up with this blog.  I did so well when I started.  But I do keep quilting and will show you how some things end up!

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