Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sorry, no pictures

That doesn't mean I haven't been working!  I just have been going crazy around here with all that has been going on.  The one in the frame is coming along nicely.  Now I realize that I don't have the next one basted!  AH!  I was going to take it to bee, but had too many errands to do first.  If you don't get there early, then the tables get used.  Course, someone brought in donuts because it was her birthday!  About the only rule that Thursday Bee has, is that if it is your birthday, you bring the cake!  Because we will all forget who has birthdays, and you can have the kind of cake or goodies that you like!  So today it was wonderful donuts!  And I didn't have time to get a lunch, so I was saved by the donuts!

I replaced a zipper in my favorite jacket!  Now the zipper was always a pain to get it to start, and then it pretty much stopped.  I don't mind doing zippers, but it takes time and isn't fun.  But it's done.

I went in and took the introduction class to my new quilting machine!  It's a PQ1500 turbo.  It does 1500 stitches per minute!  So you can really screw up anything really fast!  I really wanted someone to show me the correct way to thread it.  It is a different way to do that.  and the bobbin case goes in sideways instead of dropping down from the top.  Very interesting.  Even while the demo was going on, the thread in the bobbing case got messed up.  So I got to see how to clear that out!  I go to the Mid South Sewing for all this stuff.  Nice women there who really know what they are talking about.  I also get one free cleaning this first year since we bought it there.  It was my Christmas Present!!!

I did make a list of several projects that were on the table and got those done.  Felt good to check a couple of things off that!  It keeps me focused to clear off the table too.  Wasn't real big things.  I had cut out a simple dress a couple of years ago and wanted to have some trim around the neck.  Did that and put some more around the hem line.  Looks cute.  Tried it on.... I should have finished it 2 years ago. 

Did get 2 other things done and out of here.  Though the table still seems to be just as full!

At Bits and Pieces meeting, I had missed December's meeting when the secret pals were told.  Mine was Diane!  And she had the calendar of the men behind the quilts!  She did show it around at the December meeting and I missed out on all the laughter.  But I took it to Bee and got a whole room of laughter today!  It's just fun!

So another month has flown past.  Plenty more to do.  The gray skies are bothering everyone around here.  I got out the "Happy Light" and had that on while working on a quilt on the table.  It's a very calming feeling after a while.  Very nice.  I don't know how to quilt any faster.  Hence the quilting machine.  So I'm going to get started using that for smaller projects.  My hands just can't keep up with me any longer.  I'll still quilt...just slower.  Damned old age sucks!

Have fun!  Cut up all that pretty fabric and make pretty things.  Play with bright colors in the winter gray time.  Laugh with your friends and eat donuts!  And pizza, and chocolate....

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