Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

keep working...

Ok, sometimes, it seems like you are working forever on some projects and then all of a sudden the end is in sight!  This one just came out of the frame.  I have to quilt out to the edges and binding.  It feels good to get the quilting done!

Tried this with part of a wool sweater that the moths had gotten into.  Was going to throw it out and the magazine came in time!  You put stones or marbles tied into the sweater, then wash it a bunch of times in hot water.  Then you take out the stones, and put in bits of batting.  cover a notebook!  Bubble cover, it was called in the magazine.  (Cute gets me every time!)

One that is in the hoop on the table... I keep picking at it.

this just went into the frame!  A fun one I did with some charm packs I got at a Christmas meeting! Not much bigger than the frame!

Orphan blocks!  The Norris guild had us all bring in odd blocks that we seem to have!  And we sorted them into groups that could be sewn up into quilt tops.  Then the guild will get them to a long arm quilter.  These will be for charities.  I'll keep you posted on how this turns out.  The star block in the middle is smaller than the rest.  So I'll start there and add sashing....
I really hate the grey, gray winter days.  I seem to work on very bright colors in the winter.  we have had snow flurries today.  and they all melted on the road.  At least the Daytona 24 hour race was on yesterday and today it finished.  Very exciting for us since we go to tracks and drive our car.  I'll never get up to those speeds, but I sure understand all they are going through!!!  Can't wait for our first track weekend for the year!
Savannah?  Any one going to the Modern quilt show!?  I'm going with about 10 friends in our group.  There are several others that will be there!  A quilt show in February is a must!  My sanity is slipping!
Got a couple of jelly rolls that need attention!  Haven't decided which way to go with that.  Just need to sit and stitch them together!   
Stay in touch with people through the winter!  We all need to hear from others, including me.  I would go nuts without Thursday Bee and all my quilting friends! 

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