Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Year...wait? What happened to 2016?

I haven't finished telling you about our trip!  There was a VW from Alaska and it has the license plates where the rust has gone through.  If you have collected any of the plates from the shop hops, here's an idea what to make!

The rocks in Joshua Tree National Park/forest were wonderful.  I kept seeing faces of old men who seemed to be sleeping or laughing.  Can you see it?

Side shot!

Meer cat?

Turtle head?


Now at the zoo.  Just love the flamingoes.  When they raise their wings, there are black feathers underneath!  I never knew that!

In one bathroom, the doors were painted!

Very cool.

Then to Balboa park the last day.  This is the artist center.

Saw three museums.  This was the photography one.  Some were pictures of fields from above.

Cool moon shot!

then in the folk art museum, I loved this doll house!  I got the book on it.  Everything is made from things this woman picked up in the woods and outside!

There are around 60 little people on it and 3 dragons.

Then the little egg people! 

just cool stuff from the world!

These wall is the collection of stamps to do batik fabrics!

Downstairs was the collect from one man who made all this wonderful quricky furniture.

Such fun!

The last museum was a model train one.  HUGE!  place.  several rooms of setups.  Each one taken care of by a different group of train people.

Each really paid attention to detail!

This was a train like my brother had.  Course, he ran his off the track several times to see how far it would go!

One way up on a high shelf.

You can see the man behind this so you can tell the size of this train!  This was a very interesting museum!

Outside of the buildings, I had to take pictures.  Great workmanship on the buildings.

The details were great.

This fig tree had a fence around it.  Very old.

Roots look like snakes!

Another shot of the artist area.

Lots to see there!
I think that catches you up on the trip!  Came home with nothing ready for Christmas at all. So in about 10 days, we got a few things and had a small one just Terry and I.  Then my sister came down with her hubby.  Had another small one and hung out with them for a couple of days.  They left after New Year's Eve and missed the snow!  They live in New Hampshire.  Got home to some up there!
I got a new quilting machine for Christmas!  Got to take a class to make sure I don't gum it up with thread balls!  But I figured with all the quilt tops that I have made, I need a quicker way to get them done.  Did get one basted up and in the frame.  Still will hand quilt, but my hands are really bugging me now. 
Also got the Yellow Sub by Leggo!  And I love it!  Still a big Beatles fan.  It's in the living room by the TV. 
I also got the challenge piece done and sent off for the Quilter's Treasure Challenge.  My sister encouraged me to get it finished!  Thanks Laura!!!  So that will be at Pigeon Forge show, I think....
We are "snowed in".  Meaning that we got 2" of snow and the town won't get into our neighborhood until tomorrow.  We are so low on their list of roads!  But that's ok!  I'm getting to do things that I haven't had time to work on... like this blog!  And several things to make! 
Hope you all had a safe and healthy time.  Now to start off this year, do you have any resolutions?  I did last year.  To make a quilt top a month.  Well, I made about 9...and now what?  I should quilt them.  But I think for a resolution, I would like to get a jar or box and put in a daily slip of paper that tells what good thing(s) happen each day.  Or each week the rate I'm going.  Maybe put them on a piece of fabric with the date and make that all into the "good things in 2017" quilt!  Hey!  There's and idea!  Need to get some fabric going....

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