Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Did I say I was semi retired?

Not a chance.  Haven't had time to go through the other half of the vacation pictures yet!  So here are quilts!  This is my "Modern Landscape".  Love the idea of using geometric shapes for plants and leaves.  Start a new trend!

This is for a great friend!  Now I have to mark and baste.

Digital Hearts.

And another reason we are busier than before!  Adopted a German Shepherd!  Midnight is less than a year old.  A sweet dog!  But it means paying attention to his needs.  Had one accident in the basement because we were not paying attention to his signals.  Still a learning process for all of us.

Big dog, 61.5 lbs.  Good thing he listens.

Ok, here is the Hawaiian one that needs the backing sized and basting.

This castle, the fiber guitar and the Moon Glow were entered into the Oak Ridge Art Center's open art show.  This one did NOT get in.  It was "too cheesy" for this show.  So it was a male judge.  He picked the fiber guitar.  Moon Glow also didn't get in?!  So it's in the Cherrywood exhibit!

Another Hawaiian going on for the Quilter's Treasure shop's challenge.  I'm worried though.  I got an award for this year's and no telling what I won, and no batting sent yet.  They are usually slow, but not this bad.  Hope things are ok with that couple.  They have had health problems before.

This came off the "free table" at one  meeting.  Darlene grabbed it for me!  Love this!  Got to play with it.

Here is Moon Glow.  It did make it into the Cherrywood Fabric's challenge!  I'm in the 2nd group that will be traveling around the usa next year.  There will be a book published with all the finalists from both groups.  Now I'm going to vent a bit here, the fabric company has you buy their packet of fabrics and the 20" square has to be 100% their fabrics on the top and binding.  Ok, I spend about $100 on all fabrics, and this did include the entry fee in their blue packet.  They only were giving out 3 gift certificates...ok... but only in the first group of 120 that they picked.  So my group of 80, don't even get a chance to win anything.  They had 465 entries. (average sales that they could have made $100 = $4650.) They are making money and this will be free showing and advertising of their fabrics.  Yes it is a "feather" in my hat to be included.  But they are printing up a book of all the finalists.  So, do you think they could give us each a book?  If those cost $25 to $30, you know they get them at a lower price.  It would not kill them to show other quilters that they will give back to them.  Just saying....
Vent over.

This one is still in the frame.  It will come out, done or not.  The hearts will go in next.

Melissa brought in blocks that she had made ages ago.  So I have been playing around with them.  The blocks were 4 strips.  I cut them in half and made these blocks.  Kind of neat!

Ah, the back garden.  Most of this is weeds, even that 5foot tall one to the left.  It's pretty and is even bigger now!  Ok, I'll dig it out in the fall.  Wait!... that's like next week?
I have a 9 patch on the design wall that is for a great grand baby!  Another great friend is having the 6th one show up in January.  Too early to take a picture of that.
Also need to vacuum, laundry, take the dog to a park, get a coffee with Terry...and there's my day.  So while they are out walking now, I'd better get back to work.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Takes time to tell you of the trip!

This was part of a wall that was painted.  Love the colors and designs.

didn't have wall paper back then, so they painted the walls with their history.

Ok, he wasn't in this castle, but he could have been!

Here's some of the armor from different ages.  The yellow one has design like on the Porsche emblem.

I love the doors and the details of things.  They had time and the craftsmen ship to make things beautiful.  Look at the hinges!

Strange little openings to let water drain out or animals in?

Steep and uneven, so it anyone attacked the castle, it would be more difficult.

The black smith shop was to make the doors and useful things.

More of the main entrance.

Love this box!  How do you think it really locks up?

another great door!

An look at this lock!  Amazing.

Then this was the day we were sailing up the Rhine and it got very narrow....seemed to be a lookout building on every hill along the way.

This was on an island.  If you didn't pay the toll (way back when) then the donkeys would pull a rope or chain up in the river and you couldn't pass.

Going up a road to another castle.

I love the towns.

This castle was constantly being built upon.  You could see the difference in the buildings each generation.

This was the moat, but it wouldn't hold water, or it kept getting stagnant.  So they kept people down there that didn't pay their taxes... or put deer down there to hunt.
The stories are wonderful from these places.  No wonder there are so many children's books about knights, and ladies.  Art is fantastic, and the details are always inspiring. 
Get out and see places.  My pictures are still a mess, but it's so fun to look through them!

Monday, August 28, 2017

More of the trip!

What's in the shops?  Chess!  I collect chess sets.  Love these.

Very different.


Too cute!

A merry go round in the square!

This part of a sculpture ,

another view,

and the whole thing with Terry standing there.  It was cool.

Other art in the park close to where the boat docked.

This is the bridge that goes over the Rhine.  One side is Germany, the other side is France.

Art in parks everywhere.

And a path to walk around with more.

The side of a building!  Modern art!

And one of the dinners on the boat!  Appetizer.

Main meal!

Beer with it!

Good time seeing the kitchen where the meals are prepared on the ship.  I didn't stick around.  Been in kitchens all my life.

The bus trip up into the Black Forest area.  It was beautiful.

A short stop to rest our legs and the local ladies came up to say hi.

The aquaduct that was built by the Romans.

We hiked up part of the trail in the forest.

This was the easy part.  Then you went to stairs, and then to a ladder.  I didn't make it to the top!

The waterfalls were beautiful.

And a snail, bigger than my hand!  No wonder they eat them over there!

This is a machine to cut lumber!  Left behind.

Too cool looking.  Steam punk before it was cool.

One of the local fountains.  They have fountains in every city and village with spring water coming out of them.

Inside the shop that has coocoo clocks.

Quite a variety!

More .....

And this is the one that Terry and I both liked!  3,200 Euros was more than we could spend.

Love these cats.  There is one woman who designs and makes these  I did get one to bring home for me.

This outside clock chimed at noon and the figures on the second floor did their thing.

Gift shops.

and a water wheel that brought power to the buildings a long time ago.
Going through the pictures now is great to review and remember the trip.  I haven't felt great since we got home.  Tired achy hip and irritated lungs.... Just been too busy to stop and heal!  So I'm trying to get entries into shows and get to meetings.  I taught a Hawaiian quilting class on Saturday.  Worn out!
I entered 3 pieces into the open art show here in Oak Ridge's Art Center.  One got in, and not the one that I though would get in!  Can never tell.....
So I'll keep quilting and posting!