Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Some days are so slow...

I want to make a few smaller pieces to see things get done.  Nothing new, I make all kinds of things in between the big quilts.  So this is a good way to show you how I work.  I drew out a picture as if some water was splashing straight down. The background is bout the size of a piece of paper.  The blue splash is basted on there.  I think you can see some soap marks where I will turn back the fabric to make it a better "splash".  Next will be the hand applique.  I do have the cotton batting cut out. 

Now you can see the daisies going onto this quilt.  I think it adds to it and takes away from just the plain big purple blocks.  I'm doing yellow and pick petals, random on each flower.  In the small purple blocks there are parts of the daisies that are falling off or have been taken off.  Remember, "he loves me...he loves me not."  It's kind of with that idea.
I went to Atomic Fibers here in Oak Ridge, TN, and set up another Hand Quilting class that I will teach.  May 14th, a Saturday, from noon to 3pm.  Last time the class filled up before she even had to advertise!  So sign up soon!
I will also have a quilt or two put up for sale in the shop!  That's great for me!  Local so I don't have to drive all over the place to check up on my quilts!  Toni is doing a great job down there with her shop!  She has beautiful fabrics as well as yarns! 
Check them out at
You can see their classes and lots of goodies!
And so it's time to find food in the kitchen!  I have been sewing most of the afternoon.  I seem to have a very unorganized room.  Haven't found several things that I was wanting to play with.  But they will show up sometime.  At least it's not like food, where you find it by the smell when it's too late!  I did get more chocolate last night.  Totally ran out after several days last week being in the house!  All the hidden chocolate supplies are gone also!
Keep playing with fabrics! 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

More basting...

Ok, I did baste this one the other day.  I really wish I could remember where I got it!
This one I got at a yardsale!  Not sure why they picked those colors.  Maybe high school color and UT?  So I'm appliqueing daisies on the purple blocks!
This is in the frame!  I actually made 2 of these.  One I donated to a friend and it went up for an auction to help animals.  I found this one and it's been years waiting to get done. 
Another thing I just found (again) is this cross stitch quilt top!  That's been around for over 30 years!  I had every intention of doing this.  My Mom went to a craft shop that was closing and she bought out all of the floss.  The more you bought, the less each cost!  So it ended up being about $.02 each skein!!!  And I still have a ton of it so I could still do this project.  There was someone on facebook who said she was looking for one of these, but that was a while ago also!
This was the start of the snow last Thursday.  We ended up with the 5" of white.  When things were clear enough on Saturday, I went to the store and loaded up on supplies.  We had ice and flurries after that.  Still home today.  I'm planning on getting out of here tomorrow!  Even routing things will be nice!!!
Got plenty done and a little more organized.  Yea!  The rest will have to wait!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snow Day!!!

What do you do when it's snowing?!  You baste quilts!

Yesterday I did this one.  It's ready for the frame!

Also basted this one.  I really can't remember where I got it.  Im having senior months now, not moments.  I'm learning how to just "go" with that.  Not easy, but it's happening.

There's the 3 stripes around the border.  It's really an interesting quilt top.

this is a smaller piece, 27" x 27".  It's all hand pieced.  All of these are.

So it's basted and ready to go.

Basted this one yesterday.  Baby sized quilt or wall hanging.  More country, or civil war fabrics.

So today, I'm starting with this one.  I pieced this one earlier this month.  Kind of modern... maybe?
So today is a play day because you can't go too many places with the roads slippery.  Just right for trying something new or getting somethings done.  Organize a section of the room, or just cut up fabric!!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Old quilt tops!

Do you like the older quilt tops that you find different places?  I just love them.  Women didn't have all the fancy tools to make these perfect.  And believe me, these aren't "perfect".  But I LOVE the colors and designs.  Hand pieced, so you know it took lots of time!  Whether they were making them for warmth, or something to do in the winter, there is plenty of time and effort in them.  This yellow piece seems to be cut off on many sides.  But I'm going to quilt it up anyways!

the Turkey Tracks is done and so sweet.  Again, not perfect, but I'll never try to do one!  It was all hand pieced.  Now it's hand quilted and ready to sell.  It's 81 x 63".  Which is what a full bed used to be.  So it would be great for a twin bed, a throw, or on top of a double bed without hanging down too much on the sides.  It does have a few age spots, and in one corner you can see the printing from the feed sack that was used!  Fun history in this one!  Price:  $500.

Here's a shot of the top.  The colors are bunched together.  So I think the blocks were sewn together as they got made.

Here's a block that shows the turkey tracks.

Here's the next one getting basted.  It's 75"x60".  I found this one in a thrift store.  So dirty, that I washed it 4 times!  There were also pages from a mail order catalog used for the paper piecing!  Those were removed before the washings.  The fabrics are mostly solid colors.  And the side rows are different, as if someone else added to it.  It's a typical piece that is made to be used for warmth.  Used up scraps and will cover you up.  Not beautiful, but I love it!  Again, so much time and effort in it!  Hand pieced and will have an overall hand quilted design when I'm done. 
So don't worry about being perfect!  Quilts are for warmth, comfort and love.  Enjoy the process!  I love that these old quilts will get finished after they have left the original makers.  I do wonder who made each one, and what were they for.  The story behind every quilt should be on a label on the back.  Let people know who worked on it and where you found them. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Making things!

Out of leftover scraps and strips from the 2 quilt tops that I made, I made another purse.  I love making purses, but will never use them all.  So look at the pictures and tell me a price that you might pay for this.  I thought about making enough to do a craft/art fair.  There is a flat pocket on this side.

This is the pocket for a water bottle.  Sits in there nicely and the water doesn't get onto anything in the purse.

A baggier pocket on the other side.  Elastic in the top to make it close a little more.  Velcro is in the 2 big pockets and the next one on the out side.

This is a great side to put in the phone or your keys... The handle is quilted with cotton batting in it so it doesn't dig into your shoulder.

Inside there are 2 pockets on one side, with a flap for fun.  Could also put a phone or wallet in either of these pockets.

Other side has a pocket that has pleats in the sides and bottom.  Will hold a larger amount.  Can you tell I love pockets?!  There is Velcro to close this one.  I always make the lining of the purse in a light color so it is easier to see what is down in there!!!  So?  What do you think would be a good price on this?  I wanted to make up purses for different seasons.  Could be a cute idea!

Here is the quilt top done with all the cars and trucks!  It turned out so cute!

Close up on some cars.

There were street signs also.

Just a great quilt for a boy!!! Or someone who likes to drive all kinds of things.
Ok, I did get a lottery ticket.  I never win more than $7 at any time.  But a BILLION $, I'll get in there and see if anything happens.  It's fun to participate.  What would I do with all that cash?  Build a bigger house with more room to store fabric and quilts!  Just too much to believe.  But we could also build that garage that Terry would love.  I would hire a chef and a cleaning service.  That about covers that!  Oh, and I would rent a track and invite everyone who drives to come and spend the day there!  Too much fun. 
So play with your fabrics and make lots of stuff.  Don't worry about corners meeting, or other things.  Do it for fun!  Do it for you! 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy New Year!

OK!  Starting off the year with a quilt top made out of these panels.  Came as one set, and cut them apart.  Very light colors so I decided to add more dark colors around them.

Started by framing each panel in dark blue.  Then made the blocks... and made more blocks....

It fit together fine enough.  I was trying to make 6 1/2" x 8 1/2"  blocks....but somehow they ended up 7 1/2 x 7 1/2".  Oh, well,  it works!

Since the panels are light, I have been thinking about doing big stitch with floss to add colors in there.

It's 70" x 61".  If anyone is interested in buying this top or having it quilted up to your specifications, then email me or leave a comment.
Terry has been busy in the basement building a box that hangs from the ceiling to hold the vennere until he needs it.  The box actually looks like a big door in the ceiling!  Kind of funky, and I like it!
And now back to our regular quilting show!  I'm going to sit at the frame and quilt some more on the turkey tracks, and also work on the cars and trucks quilt top.  We had Thursday bee yesterday, and we all needed to get together!  So much to talk about and laugh!  What a wonderful group of women to have as friends!!!!
(ps, about my spelling... sorry.)