Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, December 22, 2016

trying to find time for everything!

First of all, 107 hits from Russia!  How interesting.  Find anything good to do or are you just trying to find out who I voted for?
Out in San Diego, I found this museum!  I had entered the challenge when they first started, and didn't get in.  But I had to go see the challenge exhibit!  They wouldn't let me take pictures.  Fine.  The book does show them really well.  But in the book they all look the same size. 

this was out side the building.  It's printed on plastic stuff.

Out in the mountains outside of Bakersfield, the trees and rocks really depend on each other for support.  I love the way they are together!

The rivers were beautiful.  Low water since it was the end of fall.

Don't know if the tree is holding the rock in place or if the rock is the base for the tree.

I love the huge rocks with the rounded edges!  They all look like they are resting and waiting.

River again!

You know the water gets up many feet when the snow melts.

Twisted roots was another thing I thought was great.

Rocks and trees helping each other out.

Terry took so many pictures!

Very low water.

This  was a mill over a river.  And now it's just collapsing.  The local cats live in it.  there were so many of them there.

Now out on a hike, I told Terry that we weren't seeing any wild life.  There's a trarantula!  Big Mother!  And it seems to have a dark sack on the back of baby spiders.  I went way far around it!  It was half the size of my foot.

Looking down from the hike on the side of the mountain, you can see that there are only trees around the water.

And here's the best rocks!  In Joshua Tree National Forest.  All these look like old men with smiles or they are sleeping.

This is a Joshua Tree.  Looks like something Dr. Seuss made up!

Just fun rocks that had people climbing all over them.

About  the middle is a climber hanging on.

Can you see the face?

And this one on the side?

More that  are plainer.

They were everywhere!

And more funky plants.

Then we were on the road, and this one valley had hundreds of windmills! 

The Zoo! 

And in one bathroom the doors were painted with animals...

... too cute!
So I'm trying to get back to normal.  But I think I'll just rewrite the diffinition of normal and keep going.  Too much to do and quilting seems to be shoved aside.  Help!

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