Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Things for sale next weekend!

Busy, busy, busy.



Baby sized quilts.

Little bigger quilt.

More cats!

Square baby quilt.


Love the colors!


Queen sized quilt.

With lots of quilting, all by hand.

Bowl koosies.

And the practice set up for my booth.
the booth space is only 4' x 8'.  So I'm limited on how much I can bring.  The larger quilts will be home, but if you want to purchase them, contact me.
Today, I will be teaching a class on hand quilting at the Atomic Fibers Shop in Oak Ridge, TN.   This is the third time I will teach this in a year.  There are plenty of people who want hand quilted quilts!  I still get calls even though I have stopped taking in new customers.
I am running around in circles today!  I also saw an ad about a person who buys old toys, he's coming into Knoxville next weekend.  Well, I'll be busy on the Friday and Saturday at the Art Center selling my items.  But Sunday I can take the load of toys down there to see what he may give me for them.  It would be nice to sell them to someone who knows what they are worth.  Not just someone who is going to pay way less than the value and have them be chewed up by the dogs.  So I have to dig in the store room to find the rest of the things to bring down there!
Always something else thrown in to make life more interesting.  I'm not going to run any marathons, but it sure feels like I'm on the track to no where many days!
What happened to just sit and sew!

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