Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Extra goodies for give aways!

Ok!  You know that bag made out of 6 fat quarters on one side and 1 1/2 yards on the inside?  Well there is my attempt.  Then someone was kind enough to send me the directions! 

So I made a small version.  4 fat quarters and a yard on the inside!  Still pretty big.  This one went together much faster.

Then at the modern quilt guild meeting, one woman told us about making over a tv tray table into a small ironing table to use near your sewing machine.  She had bought a set of 4 tables and only wanted one.  So I got 2.  One for me and the other for the Christmas exchange in December's meeting! 

It was pretty easy.  Cut 3 layers of cotton batting, each slightly different size so the edges blend off the edge of the table.  I sewed them between 2 pieces of muslin to keep them nice.  Then you cut a piece bigger than the table top, turn the edge over to make a casing.  Run a ribbon through that and tie it on to the table gathering in the edges to fit the table.  Voila!
I have made so many ironing board covers in my life time.  The can get dirty, brown from the heat, and colors of things being ironed get into the fabric.  So it's a different shape, but small and easy.
So?  What are you making for presents?  I sent off pillow cases, bags, and bowl koosies.  Plenty to make, but you sit and think of the people when you are working. 

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