Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What ya doing?

I have been making stockings for quilters!  They will be exchanged in the December meeting.  Just having a blast coming up with ideas!

This is a coverlet that I bought up in NH.  I have quilted it, and it's for the couch downstairs.  It reminded me of the Beatles yellow submarine!  I just had to have it and quilt it up.  Too cute!
I have been looking for the pictures I took on my phone last Saturday at the quilt show in Tellico Village.  Great show put on by a wonderful guild.  That's not the problem.  The problem is with me and technology.  Somewhere there is a "cloud" that has my pictures!  I thought I had gotten them down loaded into the computer before me... but they are either not here, or hiding in a file somewhere.... It pisses me off to no  end to have to figure these things out.  Instead I could be threading a needle and enjoying my time. 
So I will hunt for the pictures some other day.  I have had enough frustrations in the last couple of weeks, and the computer can go out with the trash as far as I'm concerned.  My hubby had surgery.  And it is mentally hard for both of us, and he's got the physical crap to handle.  (can you tell I have had enough!)  I'm not a nurse.  And they just sent him home after one night in the hospital.  So things happen that neither of us expect or know about. 
It's better now or I wouldn't be writing.  Life just keeps coming at you and it's got to be handled.  So the two of us will get through this.  Thank god for quilting and shows and my quilting buddies.  It all keeps my head on straight. 
Now we are slowly making plans for the future.  He has retired and I want to see parts of the world!  The house has been worked on, and is ready for the rest of our life.  I have enough fabric to last the rest of mine.  So lets get on with what's out there!
Don't skip dessert!
Get together with friends all the time!
Cut up your fabrics and play with them!
Hugs all around!

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