Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, October 1, 2016

So much to do! And another quilt show!!!

My "Pizza Box" exchange came back to me!  I love this!  I started the block in the middle, and 3 people added to it!  Now I get to finish it, or add onto it.  I don't know yet!

I sat and doodled while on the phone one day, and this was what I came up with.  Enlarged it, and this is one block.  I have another cut out with different colors.

Making thumb pincushions for the sale at the Art Center in November....

Browns for another project, waiting.

box of reproduction fabrics, also waiting for another project to get started.

And the license plates!  Having fun with those!

Pillow cases waiting to get finished up.

And this is one part of the quilt with the plates on it!  Can you guess what it will be?

Christine came over and showed me some of the things that she makes for a craft fair!  One woman has a fair of just things that have to do with tomatoes!  Boobs, and the other is "where do tomatoes come from". 

She makes the cutest critters and a purse.

Here's some other purses for little girls.

Here's Christine with her mens' ties made into a scarf.

And a hat that she designed from old sweaters, felted down and cut up!

NOW!  The quilt show up in Asheville is super, duper!  This is Tone's quilt.  It got a 3rd place.

Here's mine, "Warp 9" and it also got a 3rd. 

My dancing Swan Lake!

Split Squares is also mine.

Tone's quilt got a first!!!  Yay!

And her beautiful leaves.  The pictures doesn't pick up on all the embroidery that is all over the whole piece.
This quilt show was fantastic.  It will be one tomorrow.  I will post more quilt pictures on another day.  I have so many more ideas and directions to head off into!  The setting for the show is wonderful.  Great vendors.  The quilt guild has things for sale that are so well made!!!  It was a fantastic day!  Asheville's show is one of the best in the nation.  Well worth the trip!
So now the fabric has been pre washed, and I'm worn out.  Time to get energy back... this week will be busy.  I'm going to be happy to get snowed in this winter!  Just don't like the cold anymore.
Keep playing with those ideas and fabrics!
I just checked the stats, and I had 115 hits from Poland on the 25th!  Who's out there?  Can't you leave a comment so I know what you like to see when it comes to quilting?!

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