Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, October 22, 2016

For Sale!!! Lots of good things!

I'm going to be at the ONE DAY ONLY holiday sale at the Art Center in Oak Ridge, TN on November 12th!  These are some of the things that I will have there for sale! 

Small bags with cats on them! There are larger bags also that are packed and ready to go! 

Here's one bag with many pockets inside...

and this is the other side of the bag.

Small quilt, "Eat my Dust".  Supposed to be a tire track across the road!

In one corner, I stenciled in the lizard.  All hand quilted!

Dissappearing 9 Patch background with large daisies!

All hand quilted!

This is one that I started years ago, and finished recently.  Again, all these quilts are hand quilted.

I have been making modern designs for years!

This is the 9 Patch Pizzazza style of designing with large prints.  I used  panels that have the cats on them.

Cute cats!

A great baby quilt with the bright colors!

And quilted, and has the koi fish in some blocks.

All circles!

Each block different colors.

4 patch background, with daisies appliqued on this.

The "Log Cowbin" quilt! 

And quilted!

This is a double bed quilt.  I bought the top in an antique store!  It was just sitting there, and I knew I had to finish it.  So I designed the quilting to fit in the spaces.

I love the feather design on the older quilts.

The colors are from the 20's?  Not sure if it's from the 20's to the 40's.

Another picture of the quilting.

These are some of the bowl koosies that are going to the sale.

More koosies....

and a few others...

and a couple more.  They are reversible, and can be machine washed.

cat bags are going!

And here's my practice set up for the back of the booth.  I can't bring too many large quilts, so I'm hoping the small items sell well. 
This is a great place to buy presents for Christmas time.  There are so many wonderful artists there.  Pottery, paintings, photography, soap makers, doll makers... and many others.  The place is always busy, it's one day only! 
Ok, I should be out clearing out the garden beds.... nay.  I'm going to quilt once I get done here.  Maybe tomorrow for outside..... maybe not! 
I have priorities!


  1. Lots of good stuff there! I bet you'll be a popular booth!

  2. Hope you sell well, Patty. Adorable stuff--love the cat bags!