Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

More EYE Candy!!!

I had not been to the quilt show that has been in Chattanooga for the last couple of years.  So yesterday I drove down there to see it.  I had mixed feelings about it.  The quilts were beautiful.  However, I'm not a fan of "over" quilting things on the machine.  Every 1/8" is extreme.  It can't be good for the quilt in the long run.  These people must think that is what it takes to win.  But there were plenty there with over kill that did not win.

It's the designs, as well as color choices.  I love to see the quilts with the "double wow" effect....

You know, the ones that you see from across the room and you go, "wow...".  Then you get up very very close, and see the details, and go "WOW". 

Different is more exciting to me.  And bright colors!  Like this one.  Now I probably will never make one like this.  Too exacting, and probably paper pieced.  It's wonderful.

I was fascinated with the way the circles went around the design.  Out of the ordinary.  I love it!

YES!  Just great. 

This log cabin has the great varity of fabrics and the big stitch vine!

I'm loving the ones that are a little of every thing in them!  Still works really well.

Cute gets me every time!  Pins and needles!  Pincushions, and spools in the background!  I love it!

Black and white with butterflies.  The butterflies and on 3d pieces, making them look like they are in flight!

Like the folded fabrics in this one!

NOW THIS IS INCREDABLE!  Way too cool with the animals and the fabrics.  this is fiber ART! 

Look at the animal, and the coat!  More than a double wow!   Fantastic!!!

Now, I'm not always crazy about Halloween ones, but this I would buy!  The saying is, "It's all fun and games

Til there's a body in the basement."

Love it!!!  Great fun in the blocks!

This should have been best in show in my mind.  The picture doesn't do it any good.  Overall design is terrific!  Colors are super.  Just took my breath away.

This is a fantastic modern one.  Nice to see some in this show!  The quilting in it was great.

This got a top award.  It was really interesting how she had made all the parts and layered them.  Stunning.

this is fun!!!  I just couldn't stop looking at it!

Another modern one that is really great!

And this is too.  I love the lines in it.  and the wavy border at the bottom.

This was striking!  Look at the edges!  The whole package!

This is was really fun.   Someone had a great time putting it together!

What we all should be doing!

Bright colors!  I love it! 

Also an intriging design!  Just love it!

This had to have some painting on it.  The shadow effects were super.  Can't imagine why it didn't get any awards.
But then that's why I'm not a judge.  Too critical when you have to hand out awards and money.

Today, there was more work done on the driveway.  Almost done!  At least I can get my car out of the garage, and get around!
I had mixed feelings about the show.  You saw a few of the quilts that I took pictures of... they are wonderful.  Shows used to have 300 to 400 quilts there.  This one did not.  Many of the top quilts "make the circuit", and seem to end up in all the big shows.  So going to several shows gets repetition going.  I can tell you why... if I made a fantastic, wonderful quilt that could win money, I would enter it in as many shows as I could to win back something for the cost of making it, and fees.  Fees that are still going up to enter, get pictures done and onto CDs, and all the shipping fees.  Insurance can't be added unless you get an appraisal done, also adding to the cost.
Quilts get lost, stolen, mishandled, and damaged more than you think.  Some are found or repaired, but not all.  I used to enter many shows.  Once they stopped taking slides, which added to the cost, I just didn't care if I learned how to take the digital pictures and get them on to cd's.  The first question on some things to transfer pictures was, "how many jpegs in your camera?"  Are those the little fairies in there that are taking the pictures?  So you can see, my mind doesn't wrap around new tech things very well.
The vendors were there in full force.  More than half the floor space was packed with them.  So many sewing machines.  Now if you wanted to do comparison shopping, this would be the place.  I bought one panel, it was a blue dragon!  The panel may have been 1/2 yard wide, and it was $9.  Not a great price, but I love dragons.  There was plenty for sale there.  But I'm overloaded with patterns and fabrics.  I don't need any dohickys, or thingamabobs.  Got plenty of plastic rulers,  Hand creams, sparkly bits don't interest me.  I have stencils and inks.. The books are nothing that new that I had to get them at $25 or more a pop. 
It was a nice day out for me.  I ran in to friends and enjoyed talking with them.  The food was basic and no tables to eat at.  As much as I enjoy quilt shows... I'm enjoying the smaller ones that are well done by volunteers.  Asheville show is up next!  I will have 3 in there! 
Go on up there on the Friday, September 30th.  I'll be around!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Oh My G*D... that driveway.

Ok, it's been weeks!  And the noise and workmen out there have driven me crazy.  Today I finally got to get my car out of the garage today.  It smelt stale inside it.  But I got to cruise around town for a bit!

Looks great.  Did you know that after they pour a drive, that you can't drive on it for 2 weeks!!!  What!  So the truck was still over at my neighbor's until today! 

This was when they were sealing it.  2 coats, one with sand for traction.

There is still more to be done... another drain along side it and dirt put back up to the edge.  It is bigger than most dance floors in bars!

Sealing it.

And this was the pumper truck for the first part of the pour.  Unreal how big that is.  They had to pour half of the drive one day, and the other the next day.

So, I finished this and took it to Atomic Fiber shop to be in their challenge.

This was one baby quilt that a friend had me machine quilt.  Now, I'm not the greatest machine quilter by any means, but the baby was coming!

I hand quilted this little one.   It was made from a charm pack that I won last year in the Row by Row challenge.

This is the other baby quilt that I machine quilted.  Just in case it's a boy  It was cute!

I also won a jelly roll.  So I made this top.  The colors were the roll fabrics and it took about 2 1/2 yards for the light blue part.

I did go to a yard sale and got some beanie babies that are supposedly hard to find.  So if anyone is interested in buying any, I'll take $10 each plus shipping.  On line they go from $1000 to $24,000 for one of them!  Wow, where is that collector when you need them!

The blue crab is still in the bag.  I got him a long time ago to send to a friend...she moved and I don't have her address!
So I also have been sewing up pillow cases to give through the guild to Children's Hospital.  They give each child who comes in, a pillow case this toys, books, or games.  Some kids come in with now bag or suitcase, so the pillow case doubles as that.  As I was making those, I realized that these would be great presents to take over to England!  Light weight, unbreakable, easy to pack... I am always looking for gifts like that!  So of course, I went into mass production mode.  I'm also making smaller bags to sell at the Art Center on November 12.  I signed up to have a booth there. 
I haven't had a place to sell things in a long time.  I bought a small table to bring and have other display units that will work.  I'm glad I started way early this year to have things done up.  So I should have a nice booth of bags, bowl koosies, quilt tops, small quilted wall hangings, pin cushions, and a couple of other things.  Mark your calendar to come to this sale.  It's one day only , and a lot of great artists there! 
I also went on a quilt retreat with the greatest bunch of women!!!  Thursday Bees!  One has a cabin in the mountains of North Georgia, and we all fit  there.  9 of us!  We had 4 days, and 3 nights of laughing, games, quilting, food, 2 quilt shops, and several other shops, dinner out 2 nights, and a play!  And did I mention laughing!!!  And eating.  It was much needed by all of us.  I felt so wonderful there and came home super relaxed.  We want to plan another in the Spring, and there's a quilt show in Savannah in February, that we are looking into all going. 
I can't believe that it's been a month since I posted.  I have been in a daze with all that has been going on around here.  And there is more of that to come.  So I will try to be better at posting.  I have been sewing almost in a panic to keep out reality a lot of the time.  I am so glad that I have Thursday bee to help out mentally and emotionally. 
Terry will be home on Tuesday, and he will be retired.  I feel like I have spent so much of my life just waiting for him to get home.  Then he's in a hurry to get every thing done that needs attention, and he's back at work.  So I'm signing up for vacations and we are going to do more things together...and not just stuff around the house.  I'm 63, and my body is annoying most days.  I want to go do things before it's worse.  Funny how that creeps up on you.
Life is short!  Go do stuff!  Cut up the good fabric and play with it!  Call your friends!  Travel to go see them!  Laugh, a lot!!!