Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

In progress!

Ok, a challenge piece for the local quilt shop!   Trying to get it done right away!

A throw piece that I bought and decided to quilt it.  Reminds me of the Yellow Submarine!

In the frame now.  It's a very big queen size quilt.  So it's going to take a while to quilt this one up.

Another challenge piece.  Stalled.  Do like my idea, but how to construct it is bugging me.  So it's simmering.

Quilts waiting to go to the Asheville show.

Quilts waiting to go to quilt meetings, and the Open Art Show.  That's a local show at the Art Center.

Left overs which may become mug rugs.

This is Mary's jacket!  Had too much fun putting the decorations on it! 

Front pocket that was added.  Note there are skeletons in the pocket!  The tape on the cuffs comes on a roll.

Back side is pictures of crafty women and cats!  She loves cats.

Just a fun combination of things.

And the biggest project is the driveway.  We are in line and waiting for the concrete guy to come and pour the top layer!  Another 8 to 10 day wait!  At least it is looking good so far!
So I'm inside during all this 90 degree heat!  Has been going on for weeks now!  I put on funny movies, which include Disney ones, and just keep cool and sew. 
Terry is supposed to retire very soon!  I hope so.  Time to travel and have fun together!  I'm going to make a list of places to go.  Got a book of all the National parks, which includes where to stay and how to get there!  So should be go alphabetically, or just pick a couple at a time and go?!  Any way we do this, I want to see a bunch!
So cut up all that fun fabric you have been saving and collecting!  Play with it!  I'm doing that and really enjoying the combinations of things.  Trying to piece a quilt top a month.  Not sure I have done one a month, but they are stacking up! 

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