Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Norris quilt show on the 4th

What a variety of quilts this time!  Love the whales! 

It's a part that folds over from the back.  Very cute! 

Always room for tigger!  The baby quilts looked so cozy.

This one was is a pattern, but the maker changed several things to make it more personal.  Took a blue ribbon!

Colorful Town!  Pat has moved to Georgia, but she made sure her quilt was here.

The challenge was to make a still life.  Mine is the rusty truck with a flat tire!  Got a second place ribbon!  The yellow tea pot was third,

and the flowers were first place.  I voted for the flowers!  Just too pretty!  I think most little boys voted for the truck.

There is "Warp 9".  A 9 patch design with a star trek joke in it!  Got a second place on it!

More in this wall hanging group.  Lots of fun designs.

this was the first place ribbon in the wallhanging group.  I love it!  Just so sweet.

Close up of one block.  The fabrics just made it wonderful.

That's mine!  A fun one about the first day of spring.  The birds figure out a way to kiss even though their height is so different. 

great quilt for kids!!!  Just love the crayons!

Very modern one by Sally! 

Love the Hawaiian one!  I need to get another one lined up to work on.  They are very soothing to work on.  And the bargello one is very well done!

Here's another close up of the little quilt.  I just love the flowers and birds.  Each block is so different and fun.

This is the one of my family's pictures.  My son took a lot of the pictures in this one.  I grouped them by family events, and earlier years at the top.  Lots of hand quilting in this one.
Lots of wonderful appliqued quilts this year!  I love this one!  Just soft and creative.

The house reminds me of ginger bread houses.
It's is a small show that had a great selection of quilts.  Go to all sized shows.  So many women are hesitant to enter, but the small shows really do have great quilts.  The great big shows will knock your socks off, and some women get intimidated by the winners.  Well if you are making quilts to just win at shows, then get extra socks.  But if you are making them for fun and to be creative, remember, you get to keep those!!! 
4th of July in Norris is the best.  I love going there.  The Dog Show with the kids and their pets.  Home baked pies, I got a chocolate pecan this year!  The BBQ chicken lunch by the Lions Club was good.  I got there early enough to get chicken this year.  Got books at the library, they sell some every year to get new books.  I love to watch the kids with their races and going down the slip and slide.  Every age group is out and about.  Dogs every where and they all are behaving.  And the wonderful quilt show.  I spent most of the afternoon there.  It was so hot outside.  Got up to 97!  People were coming in to cool off, but they really did love the quilts. 
So it's raining today, a nice steady rain.  I do love that.  Seems to clean everything off and the plants almost look like they could sing in the shower.  I'm taking it easy today and will get to my quilting.  Laundry is almost done, but it can sit in the dryer for a while.  Got an English movie from the library sale.  It's true English humor... so now I can quilt!

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