Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, July 11, 2016

Looking at things that I have done and gotten!

I picked up these spools that were used in big machines.  You can tell by the side that has the grooves in it.

I love wooden things and spools.  There is a sock darner in the basket too.  I have quite a few of those.  The shapes are fun.  I got one in an antique shop once.  The very young woman at the desk said, " oh!  You got the masher."  She thought you would use it in the kitchen to mash something!  I had to explain what it really was.  She thought I was crazy that people would darn their socks instead of just throwing them out!

I got this guitar case a while ago.  And have been doing modge podge on it.  Fabric and paper.  Covered the inside of this one with fabric.  Used it once, and I got 2 sweaters and a pair of shoes in it.  I do not play guitar.  I'm using it for a suitcase. 

I also covered these.  They were the forms that came in a pair of sneakers!  I have plans for these....

I finished  this 9 patch quilt.  All hand quilted and ready to sell.  Asking $750 and shipping. 

Different angle to see some of the quilting.

I love the colors and the flower print!

This is "Split Squares", and it's for sale. 

Very bright colors and fun!  Also $750 plus shipping.  If you have questions, just put them in the comments and I'll email from that.

Another fun thing that I made is this covered cotton rope necklace!  It was a practice piece to see about doing this.  It was fun and pretty easy to make.
I was just outside for about 20 minutes, and so sweaty!  Just so humid and hot.  I have 2 fans going in the sewing room just to keep the air moving.  So not working on big quilts right now.  Doing smaller pieces and finishing other projects.
I can see where people live when they check out my blog... very interesting!  Mauritius had about 113 hits one day!  It's a small island east of Madagascar.  Strange, but I'm keeping an eye on where the hits come from.....  have trouble believing that there are that many quilters, all with computers that all wanted to check out the blog.  ? 
Had a great lunch out with some friends.  Older women who keep me in line!  They are a blast!  My Mom used  to tell me that you should have friends of every age.  The older ones have experience and can help out.  The younger ones can keep you informed of all the new stuff out there!  Good idea to me! 
So?!  What are you working on?  New ideas?  Finishing up things that have been in a pile for a while?  I have a fun piece that is fairly small that I'm just playing around and quilting very differently for me.  Isn't that why we are doing this!  So I'm going back to work in here and have a wine cooler later.  It's my anniversary!  35 years!  Terry will be back from work tomorrow, and we'll go out later this week.  I figure, as long as we celebrate some time this year, that works for me!

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