Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, June 27, 2016

Get started!

Ok, I have these blocks that I made when I made a couple for the guild's block drawing.  I wanted to win those, but never do.  So I made a few more and I'm playing around with these.  Going modern, which means throw the rules out the window and have some fun!

This is a great idea to protect your scissors no matter where you are!

On Facebook, there are so  many inspirations!  I love these blue doors.  Just great designs!

And a wonderful metal door!  Love the rivets  and over lays.

and pictures like this make me want to paint.  I did for a very short time and loved it.  But you need a separate space for that mess.
Life is what happens when you are making plans. 
Life is all about Plan B. 
Two sayings that are kicking in right now.  So I'll keep quilting while stuff just happens.

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  1. Hey Patty, finally found a moment to stop by. Looks like, as usual, you have interesting projects going. Loved seeing the quilt show in the previous post. So gorgeous! And glad to hear that you're still out there on the race track! I think you should do a Porsche quilt!
    Douja has moved to Syracuse, NY where she got a job at LeMoyne College. She's very happy there, but she hasn't lived through the winter yet...
    Have a great summer--miss you lots! nadia