Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Eye Candy!

This is the SMQ quilt show.  I only got to spend 1 hour there while Terry went and got a compressor.  So the quilts are not supposed to be shown on line...but I figure, this way more people can see them.  Just don't use them as exact patterns.  OK?
I love the colors in this one.  My camera didn't get a clear shot because I was trying to go around so quickly.

Love the detail in the border.  Looks like reverse applique!  Sweet!

Some quilts are so complicated, it just blows my mind.  This is one of them.

Very stuttel with the colors.  Made it interesting.

And this is mine!  Got an honorable mention!  Just fun colors and the strips in the blocks were scraps.  Didn't even make a dent in the scrap bag(s)!

This has a brighter green in it than what my camera picked up.  She did a great job with the flying geese in the wavy border!

So different!  Love it!

this is "Patty's Worst Nightmare" by Gloria Felter.  A great friend of mine from Thursday Bee.  I am not crazy about Sunbonnet Sues, and there is a long story about that... So she did this for a challenge piece.  I'm the one in the dragon coat, and all the "Sues" are different ladies from Bee.  She picked out fabrics to represent each person!  Great Job to Gloria!!!!

Here's her "Just for Fun" ribbon.

I really love the colors in this and the movement in the whole piece. 

Details of this quilt here,

and here.  Lots of great animals in each block.

Just love the birds on the wires! 

I'm into circle right now... so I had to have this one!

There's my other one in the show...

Love the border that looks like the laces running through it!

Closer shot of mine.  I had the whole quilt done and quilted without the little circles.  It just didn't have enough spark to it.  So I appliqued the circles on later.  Not the best way to do it.  The circles are totally round, but they really make the quilt pop.

Great tree with the water falling around it.

Lots of modern quilts in there too! with great quilting in them.

Nicely done!

Loretta's quilt!  I hadn't seen this one yet.

Jean Lester's quilt.  She has writings on the strips.

I have seen this pattern, and there is so much detail in it!  She did a great job.

Great modern one!

You can see the wonderful quilting designs there!

Sewing machines!

Some quilts just take my breath away when I turn the corner!

I have done this technique, and want to do more of those kinds of quilts.

This is a modern one and there's the award!

Linda Roy's best of show!

Always love her work!


Tone's leaves.

Tone's family and friends do exchanges every year.  So this is one...

and this one.....

Here is a map design!

This is one woman's aging process.

This tree and birds was so well done!

Here's the close up of the birds nest.

Tone's piece!

Just when I think I'm getting good, there's a quilt that reminds me that I have a long way to go.  It's beautiful.

And this one is so lovely!

Close up of the rider.

And of the women in the corner!
Now as I'm writing this later than when I tried to put the pictures up, some didn't seem to "stay on the site".  I can try to put those up again.  Like I say, I'm not the greatest on the putor!  Yesterday, we got home from the weekend at the track.  I was so tired and was trying to help Terry unload and clear up.  Run to the store for food, and do laundry.  So somewhere in there, I down loaded the pictures and walked away.  So this morning, the computer has decided to drop some things.
The weekend was great!  I'm not the fastest out there by any means, but I do love driving and laughing out there!  Had a great instructor that really, really helped me get faster and smoother!  The heat over the weekend was getting to me, and he didn't even break out in a sweat!
Terry is flying around the track and loving it!  We probably won't get to a track weekend again until the fall.  Have to have a little more work done outside on the driveway, so expenses will go towards that. 
Remember to have fun!  The quilt meeting last night was a hoot!  Lots of laughing and different things going on.  Love the crazy ladies!  When I tell them I was at the track, they just look at me like the deer in the headlights.  You do what?  Well, you need lots of interests to be an interesting person!  So find lots of things to enjoy. 

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  1. Thanks Pat for posting the pictures.Couldn't find them yet on the SMQ site.