Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, May 6, 2016

projects, inside and out.

Ok, this is a stitch sampler from my machine.  I can't remember how big the stitches are, or what settings work well.  So I did this one up.  Should do it again, straight across and in numerical order.  Always handy to have around when you want to do something different with your machine!

Outside, the plants are looking wonderful!  I love spring!!!

Close up!

This potting arrangement I saw up at my sister's area.  Use a piece of rebar that is 4' long.  Pound into the dirt.  8" pots go on and tip in opposite directions.  Add dirt and plants!  It looks so cute! 

Inside, I have started something else!  You make rectangles of batting and 2 pieces of fabric right sides together.

Do up a bunch for this one...

Inside out.

trying to get them organized like shingles on the side of the houses.  Shingles... get it?  I did.  And it brought this idea up!

And they will be sewn onto this coat.  I got the coat over 2 years ago at a yardsale.  Fits nice.  I added in a long triangle into the sides to make it wider at the bottom.  Once I get more of the shingles made up, I will arrange them better.  Then I want to quilt each one before it's sewn on.  This is the part that is fun.  Finding all the fun fabrics to use on the coat.  Getting out the dragon ones and a wizard!  Hope it doesn't end up too heavy!  I told Terry It's a coat to wear to quilting things! 
Got to get more gardening done.  Bleck.  Nice weather today...but I felt like I was running in circles chasing my tail.  Just not getting enough done.  I did get things done, but you can't tell!  So I'm back in the sewing room to make a bigger mess!  That's more fun!  I'm listening to kid's movies today!  Need those extra laughs!  Missed bee yesterday.  Didn't feel good.  I blame everything on the weather now.  It works for me!
Time to get more quilt tops made up! 

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