Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, May 2, 2016

No pictures....

I have been busy, just not in the sewing room!  I always wanted to keep this blog just about sewing and quilting, but, life has a way of messing up plans. 

I had shingles and was pretty out of it in April.  Then got better enough that Terry and I did go to the track in Sebring, FL to drive!  What a great track!!!  And got to see my creative friends down there.  Long drive to and from there.  And the traffic on the interstates is terrible!  I'll drive on the track any day! 

Then we get home and everything is growing in the gardens, especially the weeds.  So time to pull those out.  I do that, and Terry gets the mulch.  Only got a fraction of the gardens done.  It's all either of us could do.

I was left with a long list of things to do, mostly my things, but Terry did add to the list.  So today I set out to get those done after working out at the gym...but I forgot to pack a bra!  Not going to Home Depot without that!  So back to the house and then got the list done.  Made phone calls galore to set up more appointments for me and the trailer gets checked up.  Cars need things done.  Remember being snowed in?  Missing that now!

In July the guys are going to start on the driveway and checking on repairs to the deck.  More construction.  Ok, let's get that done... Just keep me out of that.  They say you can get shingles from stress.... maybe!

I'm teaching another hand quilting class in 2 weeks, and doing a trunk show for the Norris guild.  So I'm making piles every where!  The sewing room needs a leaf blower to come through or a bulldozer!  I have so much stuff that I want to make and play with.  Reality just keeps getting in the way.  I did get some mod podge stuff put onto the 2nd guitar case.  That is just plain fun.  More to do around the side and finish the inside. 

So I will take more pictures as things progress.... I'll also be doing a skit at the Oak Ridge quilt guild this month.  Trouble memorizing it, so I'll just have to read it from the paper!  It's funny!  You'd better come.  We are only going to do this one once!

Get out the calendar and mark a day just to sew/play/ or do what you want!  Need that to actually recharge yourself!  Patty

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  1. Patty, it sound like spring. We too are redoing the inside of the house. New paint and flooring. I may need to get a part time job just to pay for it all. Glad you got a break and went driving. Live life to the fullest, you are worth it. Sue McKelvy