Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, May 28, 2016

More work!

I have been piecing this disappearing 4 patch.  It's way more calm than I normally make.  So sometimes I love it and the next day I walk in and wonder what I was thinking.

Maybe it's the sun coming in the room...

Then from some of the colors left on the cutting table, I have made 2 purses.  First one, the one side....

first one, the second side.

second one, first side....

and the second side of the second one. 
Each purse has at least one pocket on the outside, and several on the inside.  A wide strap for over the shoulder comfort.  And a zipper closure at the top.  Machine washable for ease.  Now what would you charge?  I think about this a lot.  When you are making it, the price seems to go up in my head.  But if I look at it "to buy", the price might be lower.  I thought about a base price for bags and add $10 per pocket in it.  Those take time to get in there and extra fabrics.  Can you give me an idea what you would pay?  I have to do some finishing touches on it, but they are basically done.
Memorial Day is important.  My son found out in kindergarden that  my dad was a vet.  Kids should be told and have it explained to them what they went through.  It's also a time to take it easy and enjoy freedom.  Hard not to think about it sitting in here sewing away.  History keeps track of the wars, but not much is mentioned about what goes on in between.  Fill that in with good stuff. 
Hug everyone today. 

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