Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Been to the track!

What's more fun than drinking strange tea!???

Going to the track!  We had so much fun driving at America Motorsport Track in Dawsonville, GA.  I had the head instructor go with me the first time out to show me the driving line to take.  I passed several cars and did pretty good!  He said I was fast enough to move up a group if I wanted!  I said no because then Terry and I would be in the same group and would cut down on our times out there.  So I was "soloed" in the novice group!!!  I could drive without an instructor!  What fun! 
Second time out, I got stuck in a long line out there and couldn't get around the cars safely.  So I took my time and practiced the driving line.  Just fun to be driving fast!
Of course on the way home was when cars were cutting Terry off and giving him the finger!  Not track manners!  Terry said that guy would die an a**hole anyways...

While we were away, the guys were working on the deck.  The floor boards and railings needed to be replaced.

Looks funny to me with no boards out there!

My home is my castle in my head.  I save all kinds of pictures from the internet.  Lots of dragons, castles, porches, gardens, and quilts.  Wouldn't this be wonderful as the front door!

Here's a wonderful shot of the full moon.  There was a full moon while we were at the track.  But no one got crazy out there!

Now I'm back!  Wednesday at the Norris meeting I will be showing quilts.  A trunk show they call this.  But it's more like trunks show.  I had the quilts in 2 large suitcases...but Terry will have to use the truck that day.  And the suitcases will not fit into my car!!!  So I had to repack the quilts into 3 large bags!  Should be fun telling the stories.
So laundry is going on now and Terry is doing all kinds of things in the garage to take care of the track things.  I will need some fabric time!  Started a disappearing 4 patch and I love the colors, but need more blocks done for this... Yea! 
Always have fun!  You may have to make it, stir it up, and find it...but it's there and it needs attention!  Go!

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