Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New deck, new purses

The guys are working hard and sweating it out building the deck!  Lower level.

Upper level. 

No stairs yet!  They are coming back today.

Next purse!  One of the outside pieces!  Love the castle print.

Other side has the big dragon on it.  I got those done yesterday day afternoon. 
Today is my "day-off" in the week.  I don't have to go anywhere if I don't want to!  I usually go get a mocha frappe at Books A Million.  They know me down there!  Really nice place to go and read something, and have a "coffee". 
The piles on the table are getting bigger and bigger.  While I'm working on things, I don't mind until I can't use the cutter without cutting things I don't want to!  The space is about 2' x 3' right now... so I'll have to clear some off when I finish this bag.  I want to make several more bags with themes, like cats, seasons, sewing, etc.  Just having fun and hopefully, I sell some, some time!
Hope you all had fun over the weekend! 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

More work!

I have been piecing this disappearing 4 patch.  It's way more calm than I normally make.  So sometimes I love it and the next day I walk in and wonder what I was thinking.

Maybe it's the sun coming in the room...

Then from some of the colors left on the cutting table, I have made 2 purses.  First one, the one side....

first one, the second side.

second one, first side....

and the second side of the second one. 
Each purse has at least one pocket on the outside, and several on the inside.  A wide strap for over the shoulder comfort.  And a zipper closure at the top.  Machine washable for ease.  Now what would you charge?  I think about this a lot.  When you are making it, the price seems to go up in my head.  But if I look at it "to buy", the price might be lower.  I thought about a base price for bags and add $10 per pocket in it.  Those take time to get in there and extra fabrics.  Can you give me an idea what you would pay?  I have to do some finishing touches on it, but they are basically done.
Memorial Day is important.  My son found out in kindergarden that  my dad was a vet.  Kids should be told and have it explained to them what they went through.  It's also a time to take it easy and enjoy freedom.  Hard not to think about it sitting in here sewing away.  History keeps track of the wars, but not much is mentioned about what goes on in between.  Fill that in with good stuff. 
Hug everyone today. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Been to the track!

What's more fun than drinking strange tea!???

Going to the track!  We had so much fun driving at America Motorsport Track in Dawsonville, GA.  I had the head instructor go with me the first time out to show me the driving line to take.  I passed several cars and did pretty good!  He said I was fast enough to move up a group if I wanted!  I said no because then Terry and I would be in the same group and would cut down on our times out there.  So I was "soloed" in the novice group!!!  I could drive without an instructor!  What fun! 
Second time out, I got stuck in a long line out there and couldn't get around the cars safely.  So I took my time and practiced the driving line.  Just fun to be driving fast!
Of course on the way home was when cars were cutting Terry off and giving him the finger!  Not track manners!  Terry said that guy would die an a**hole anyways...

While we were away, the guys were working on the deck.  The floor boards and railings needed to be replaced.

Looks funny to me with no boards out there!

My home is my castle in my head.  I save all kinds of pictures from the internet.  Lots of dragons, castles, porches, gardens, and quilts.  Wouldn't this be wonderful as the front door!

Here's a wonderful shot of the full moon.  There was a full moon while we were at the track.  But no one got crazy out there!

Now I'm back!  Wednesday at the Norris meeting I will be showing quilts.  A trunk show they call this.  But it's more like trunks show.  I had the quilts in 2 large suitcases...but Terry will have to use the truck that day.  And the suitcases will not fit into my car!!!  So I had to repack the quilts into 3 large bags!  Should be fun telling the stories.
So laundry is going on now and Terry is doing all kinds of things in the garage to take care of the track things.  I will need some fabric time!  Started a disappearing 4 patch and I love the colors, but need more blocks done for this... Yea! 
Always have fun!  You may have to make it, stir it up, and find it...but it's there and it needs attention!  Go!

Monday, May 16, 2016


This is the one for Hospice House.  I'll turn it in during the August meeting.  The background color is for Ovarian Cancer.  My Mom died of that in 2000.  So this is paying it forward.  Someone going through cancer treatments will get this quilt.  Hope it eases their pain just a bit to help out.

Couple of close ups of the quilting.

And the corner shot so you can see the edges.
The guild meeting is tonight.  Should be fun.  I'm doing a skit with Toni... We are not great at memorizing things, so we'll have out sheets to read if we need... all fun!

Friday, May 13, 2016

busy, busy, busy... crazy....

This is the base of the coat that I have been working on! I kind of like it without all the extra stuff I was going to put on it.  Haven't covered the sleeves yet, but it is a work in progress. 

These are the quilted pieces that I want to put on the coat like shingles... now I might spread them out instead of having them completely cover the whole coat.  The denuim coat is very heavy without them, so maybe I don't need it much heavier?  Or maybe I will in the winter!

I made this bowl and cover a while ago, and couldn't remember if I had posted it.  Kind of fun to do those!

Here's the bottom.  So I can stack a lot in it, but nothing too heavy.

I love other people's work.  Carving wood has fascinated me, but just don't have the space or time to get into this! 

What to do with old jeans?  I love this idea of pinchusions. 

And a beautiful moon.  I love the pictures on Face Book.  I have kept the fun cute ones and hidden most of the other stuff.

Some how getting the ducks in a row is so cute with so many!

Just keep cutting and sewing! 

Friday, May 6, 2016

projects, inside and out.

Ok, this is a stitch sampler from my machine.  I can't remember how big the stitches are, or what settings work well.  So I did this one up.  Should do it again, straight across and in numerical order.  Always handy to have around when you want to do something different with your machine!

Outside, the plants are looking wonderful!  I love spring!!!

Close up!

This potting arrangement I saw up at my sister's area.  Use a piece of rebar that is 4' long.  Pound into the dirt.  8" pots go on and tip in opposite directions.  Add dirt and plants!  It looks so cute! 

Inside, I have started something else!  You make rectangles of batting and 2 pieces of fabric right sides together.

Do up a bunch for this one...

Inside out.

trying to get them organized like shingles on the side of the houses.  Shingles... get it?  I did.  And it brought this idea up!

And they will be sewn onto this coat.  I got the coat over 2 years ago at a yardsale.  Fits nice.  I added in a long triangle into the sides to make it wider at the bottom.  Once I get more of the shingles made up, I will arrange them better.  Then I want to quilt each one before it's sewn on.  This is the part that is fun.  Finding all the fun fabrics to use on the coat.  Getting out the dragon ones and a wizard!  Hope it doesn't end up too heavy!  I told Terry It's a coat to wear to quilting things! 
Got to get more gardening done.  Bleck.  Nice weather today...but I felt like I was running in circles chasing my tail.  Just not getting enough done.  I did get things done, but you can't tell!  So I'm back in the sewing room to make a bigger mess!  That's more fun!  I'm listening to kid's movies today!  Need those extra laughs!  Missed bee yesterday.  Didn't feel good.  I blame everything on the weather now.  It works for me!
Time to get more quilt tops made up! 

Monday, May 2, 2016

No pictures....

I have been busy, just not in the sewing room!  I always wanted to keep this blog just about sewing and quilting, but, life has a way of messing up plans. 

I had shingles and was pretty out of it in April.  Then got better enough that Terry and I did go to the track in Sebring, FL to drive!  What a great track!!!  And got to see my creative friends down there.  Long drive to and from there.  And the traffic on the interstates is terrible!  I'll drive on the track any day! 

Then we get home and everything is growing in the gardens, especially the weeds.  So time to pull those out.  I do that, and Terry gets the mulch.  Only got a fraction of the gardens done.  It's all either of us could do.

I was left with a long list of things to do, mostly my things, but Terry did add to the list.  So today I set out to get those done after working out at the gym...but I forgot to pack a bra!  Not going to Home Depot without that!  So back to the house and then got the list done.  Made phone calls galore to set up more appointments for me and the trailer gets checked up.  Cars need things done.  Remember being snowed in?  Missing that now!

In July the guys are going to start on the driveway and checking on repairs to the deck.  More construction.  Ok, let's get that done... Just keep me out of that.  They say you can get shingles from stress.... maybe!

I'm teaching another hand quilting class in 2 weeks, and doing a trunk show for the Norris guild.  So I'm making piles every where!  The sewing room needs a leaf blower to come through or a bulldozer!  I have so much stuff that I want to make and play with.  Reality just keeps getting in the way.  I did get some mod podge stuff put onto the 2nd guitar case.  That is just plain fun.  More to do around the side and finish the inside. 

So I will take more pictures as things progress.... I'll also be doing a skit at the Oak Ridge quilt guild this month.  Trouble memorizing it, so I'll just have to read it from the paper!  It's funny!  You'd better come.  We are only going to do this one once!

Get out the calendar and mark a day just to sew/play/ or do what you want!  Need that to actually recharge yourself!  Patty