Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Just keep working!

I found this wonderful piece of a quilt top in an antique shop.  The edges had been chopped off badly.  But it was all hand pieced and I love the fabrics and design.  I'll never piece a top in this pattern!  So I have quilted it up by hand and turned the backing over to the front for the binding.  they used to do it like that a long time ago.  Now it will go to a dear friend for her to enjoy!

This one was hand pieced!  What a job!  And I hand quilted it.  She'll finish the edges.  There are also buttons to go on the vines in the light color strips to be flowers.

The blocks are 3 3/4" square.  Nice piecing with all the points meeting up very well.

I don't do miniatures...the pieces are so small that my hands just don't work well with them.  Smallest I have ever done, the squares were 1 1/2" and finished 1" square.  That was some 9 patch to be making.
So much to do and never enough time to get to it all!  I have to take in a car to the shop tomorrow, and will get a loaner so I can go get my hair cut, and use my birthday coupons at Joannes!  Yes!  The 22nd is my Bday and I'm going to have a good time all month!  Terry and I celebrate our anniversary all year!  Why not!  Can't let all these appointments get in our way of fun!
I will be getting a couple more little projects done and out of the way on the table.  Then I will piece a top or two for March.  The fun will continue or the beatings will take place!  Read that on a pirate flag! 
We made the start of plans to take a Viking Cruise next year....I'm so excited, but now have to really wait!  Worse than a kid waiting for Christmas.  But I'm going to keep up with the quilting and try to loose some weight to get new clothes for the trip....
(well, keep quilting anyways!).

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