Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

In The Forest

Finally got this one done!!!  Made 2 tops, and this one is the second one.  The first one I donated to a silent auction and the money went to help out animals.  That was about 18 years ago!  It takes time to get some done!

It's mostly triangles cut from 5" or 5 1/2" squares.  So long ago I don't remember... but it's fun to move the triangles around and see what you come up with.

The top border is leftover pieces and parts.  So there's a couple of flying geese up there.

The side border was also parts leftover.  Looks like the light through the trees.

This is a little closer view of the bottom of the quilt.  Different prints and colors were fun to move around.
Doreen Speckmen did a lecture years ago at the guild.  She said to piece the backgrounds with at least 25 different fabrics (you know you have them) and if you run out of one, you can add #26 and no one will know.  If you only use one fabric in the background and run out, them people will notice that there is a different fabric filling up the space or you will have to go looking for more of that fabric.  That was one of the BEST suggestions I ever got from a lecture! 
Now that this one is done and off the table, I'll piece a couple of tops in the next couple of weeks.  I didn't get one done for February.  Will the world come to an end??  Nope.  Once I pull out fabrics to play with, there will be plenty, YES, PLENTY to use and make a couple of tops and purses.
I'm willing to sell and part with "In The Forest", so if you are interested, give me your email in the comments and I'll get in touch with you.  It's machine pieced and hand quilted.  Measures 60"x65".  I have the casing on the back so it can be hung on a wall in a man cave or used as a baby quilt for a boy! 
We got our tax paperwork to the accountant....and are getting permits to put in a bigger driveway.  Now Terry has been looking to see what houses are for sale with 3 car garage, and big driveways...also room for his woodworking room.... Damn!  I'm ready to live here forever!  He is stubborn, and I love him... but I really don't want to move. 
So I will sew and be happy.  Why worry about this?!  If we don't move, then it was worrying for no reason.  If we do move, then it's going to have a sewing room that I can live in....
Sew What!  Go play!  Have fun!  We all need that!

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  1. This quilt is fantastic. Such a lovely work with so many colours !