Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Eye Candy!!!

The Pigeon Forge Show is on today.  We went on Thursday.  So here's some of the quilts.  Best of show was really well done.

I'm into bright colors and fun designs.  So that's what I took a lot of pictures of those kinds of quilts.

Very nice applique.

Just fun!

A stripy quilt looked much better there than this picture. 

I loved the bike in the middle.  Can't say I have seen a pattern for this quilt.  But I have stopped looking at patterns for a long time.

Nice bargello.

This one was striking from a distance, and then up close.  Great double "wow" factor.

Very nice machine quilting!

There must have been a class for this kind of log cabin.  There were several done in this pattern.

Fun Quilt! 

Had the flowers all meet right in the blocks.

Very well done cabin.  I still couldn't figure out the judges way of thinking.....

This was interestingly done. 

Cheese cloth used for the waterfall.

Nice one!

Twinkle Toes!  Very cute!

There are patterns for the embroidery ones. 

And all bee ones are cute!  Says, Honey, I'm home!

Lots of cat ones there also.

This got a third place!  Really nice quilting.

Several of this pattern were done too.  Must have been another class.

Then some were just great to look at!

Nicely done!!!

I love the oil cans that are embroidered on the top!

Bright colors and nice placement.

Paper piecing is not my thing, and I do love seeing them done well.  I would be struggling on the second block and give up.

This is on the modern side!  Not many in the design way.

I'm into circles and the quilting was done by hand using the big stitch.

This actually looks cooler in the picture.  The black and white fabrics were so busy, you couldn't really tell there was a swirling design there.

This is just plain fun!

Wonderful work.

This was for sale.  I forgot to ask how much.  It was a beautiful blue, with all kinds of bead work done in the center part.

The boats were so good!  Had actual rope going through the quilt. 

And a very bright happy quilt.  House Party is this one!  The birds all have party hats on!
The show had hand quilted quilts in a separate category, which was nice to see.  The machine quilting was good, but to me, it always seems like way too much in those. 
Vendors were really good this year.  I'm at a point that I don't have to come home with a ton of fabrics!  I did get one of that small irons that are out now.  Have to see how that works.  Saw lots of friends up there!  Just great to go to the show! 
They have put the food place right in the middle, which is great!  you can go sit down any time and rest your feet.  The weather was great!  Warm and sunny.
Now I'm trying to finish up that machine quilt work.  Almost done.  But the bigger it gets, the more it's like wrestling a bear... I will post pictures of it soon! 
Go to shows and get excited about doing more!  You know you have the fabrics for more quilts!!!

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  1. The pattern for the quilt with the bicycle block is Seasonal Silhouettes by Edyta Sitar. The bicycle block is my favorite