Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, March 14, 2016

a top resurfaced, and a new one begins!

This top I started quite a while ago.  Never liked the white with spots fabric once it was appliqued on. So I'm taking the 2 sections off and putting on a different color...

They will be green swirls instead.  Matches green swirl in the middle of the pink circle.  Was working on this for over a week.  So slow going!
Also had to clear out some of the garden beds.  Not my favorite things to do!

So I came a cross this pattern with the templates.  Have been wanting to make this one for some time.  You know, you pick it up at a yard sale, or somewhere... and it waits and waits.  So I'm doing it with the Zig and the Zag of it technique.

You actually quilt the fabrics up first.  Then you cut out the pieces and zig/zag them together!

See...3 layers to quilt up. 2 different blues.  It will be reversible when it's done.

Here's the first few pieces up on the design wall.  Quilting as much as I need each time I cut out a row.  It's easier than trying to quilt the whole piece of fabric and batting.  It's about 30" x width of the fabrics. 
Fun to use a different technique once in a while.  it gets done right away.  Lots of thread to do this one, so make sure you have several bobbins wound up at first. 
Love spring with the trees starting to bloom!  As much as I do like being outside... I'd rather be in quilting.  I was watching the tiny house shows, they are cute, but there's no room for a fabric collector!  I wouldn't mind cruising around in one like my parents did for 30 in a Winnie.  But I would need the house to come home to!
Patty, keep cutting! 

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