Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, February 26, 2016

Where did February go?!

I had cut this out and did applique it... keep going down the pictures.

I also made more thumb pincushions for the next handquilting class that I will be teaching in May at Atomic Fibers!

Here it is in progress.

All appliqued, does it look like water dropping?

This quilt top I got at a yard sale.  Wondered why they choose those colors.  Very strong together.

So I tried to "tone it down" with flowers appliqued on the purple squares. Love the pinks and yellows.  Should call this one, "He loves me, he loves me not."

Each block is different.  I love it.

I did get this finished when I got home.  I went to Florida for 2 weeks and stayed with a great friend!  We laughed the whole time!  Took things one day at a time instead of making a schedule.  Just really relaxing.  Ate very well!  Got to spend time with her Dad who is in his 90's.
It was sunny every day!  I needed that.  One storm that went through in the night sounded like it was going to blow the trailer away!  Or at least take the roof off!  We had a picnic one day and drove to St. Pete to see the Chihuly museum!  Wonderful place.  They are building a bigger building.  I took several pictures of the glass and will post them in a day or two. 
Then I came back to gray rainy days, and everyone is grumpy.  I think everyone should take a vacation to Florida!  Anyways, I'm finishing up several things to keep up with what I want to do.  I want to make a quilt top a month.  So I'm way behind for February, but that's ok!  I will pull out enough fabric to make 2 at the same time.  And, yes, I did get more fabric on vacation.  I seem to buy more when I'm traveling.  It's part of the trip! 
Track weekends are starting up soon, so we'll be driving!  Can't wait, I miss it.  I want to do more fun things with Terry!  What will you do for fun in the next couple of months?  Make the plans and put it on the calendar so you don't forget or skip it!  Cut up that fabric and play! 

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