Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Chihuly Museum, Eye Candy!

His glass works are gorgeous!  So creative.  You do want to touch them... just like people want to touch quilts.  It's more to connect to the piece.

The lighting really shown through the pieces.  Pictures don't do them any justice!

This wood piece shows bits of glass before them get melted down.  Love the design of the table also!

Wonderful colors. 

Now there is one piece missing!  A few days before we went, someone actually stole that piece!  Had to pry up the wood it was attached to... Then a day or two later, the piece was outside the front door.  When it was reported to be worth over $25,000, I think the thief got scared.

Loved this one!

Just wonderful the way they are arranged.

Now here's a piece hanging from the ceiling.  I love the colors in it.  My ceilings are high enough...

Other big "dishes"... one color on the inside, and other colors on the outside.

The shapes are fascinating. 

Another ceiling piece... again the color is so vibrant and the camera just doesn't pick that up.

Most quilters have seen a variation of this in a quilt.  But in person, it's wonderful.  The floor is so polished, it looks like it's on water.

This is looking up at a ceiling!  So many shapes and colors up there.

Last room was this installation.  All kinds of shapes fit in there.  You just walk around it and see more and more. 

These he calls frog fingers! 

This is from the floor up. 

Frog toes!
I get so many ideas from other artists.  There is no way I can make a quilt that looks exactly like his glass.  And I don't want to try.  But the shapes and lines are fun!  So I'll have to try new lines in my quilts.
What gets your mojo going?  Spring time also gets me motivated.  I hope that gets here soon!  I'm trying to get some things done that don't have much more to go on them.  Want to start a new quilt top.  I am still going to try and make a top a month.  Since I was out of town for a couple of weeks, I'm a bit behind.  No problem! 
I looked at the prices on the smaller bowls in the gift shop... $2500 to $5000!  Wow!  I have a Chihuly bowl that I got at a yard sale.... should take a picture and send it to them to see what it's worth!  Always dream of a great yardsale find...maybe I did and just don't know it yet!
So play, cut, sew!  Got to sales and enjoy what you love!

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