Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, January 29, 2016

Some days are so slow...

I want to make a few smaller pieces to see things get done.  Nothing new, I make all kinds of things in between the big quilts.  So this is a good way to show you how I work.  I drew out a picture as if some water was splashing straight down. The background is bout the size of a piece of paper.  The blue splash is basted on there.  I think you can see some soap marks where I will turn back the fabric to make it a better "splash".  Next will be the hand applique.  I do have the cotton batting cut out. 

Now you can see the daisies going onto this quilt.  I think it adds to it and takes away from just the plain big purple blocks.  I'm doing yellow and pick petals, random on each flower.  In the small purple blocks there are parts of the daisies that are falling off or have been taken off.  Remember, "he loves me...he loves me not."  It's kind of with that idea.
I went to Atomic Fibers here in Oak Ridge, TN, and set up another Hand Quilting class that I will teach.  May 14th, a Saturday, from noon to 3pm.  Last time the class filled up before she even had to advertise!  So sign up soon!
I will also have a quilt or two put up for sale in the shop!  That's great for me!  Local so I don't have to drive all over the place to check up on my quilts!  Toni is doing a great job down there with her shop!  She has beautiful fabrics as well as yarns! 
Check them out at
You can see their classes and lots of goodies!
And so it's time to find food in the kitchen!  I have been sewing most of the afternoon.  I seem to have a very unorganized room.  Haven't found several things that I was wanting to play with.  But they will show up sometime.  At least it's not like food, where you find it by the smell when it's too late!  I did get more chocolate last night.  Totally ran out after several days last week being in the house!  All the hidden chocolate supplies are gone also!
Keep playing with fabrics! 

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  1. Hey Patty,
    I like what you are doing with the purple-orange quilt.It makes such a difference.
    Hope you post a picture of it when it's done!