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Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, January 18, 2016

Old quilt tops!

Do you like the older quilt tops that you find different places?  I just love them.  Women didn't have all the fancy tools to make these perfect.  And believe me, these aren't "perfect".  But I LOVE the colors and designs.  Hand pieced, so you know it took lots of time!  Whether they were making them for warmth, or something to do in the winter, there is plenty of time and effort in them.  This yellow piece seems to be cut off on many sides.  But I'm going to quilt it up anyways!

the Turkey Tracks is done and so sweet.  Again, not perfect, but I'll never try to do one!  It was all hand pieced.  Now it's hand quilted and ready to sell.  It's 81 x 63".  Which is what a full bed used to be.  So it would be great for a twin bed, a throw, or on top of a double bed without hanging down too much on the sides.  It does have a few age spots, and in one corner you can see the printing from the feed sack that was used!  Fun history in this one!  Price:  $500.

Here's a shot of the top.  The colors are bunched together.  So I think the blocks were sewn together as they got made.

Here's a block that shows the turkey tracks.

Here's the next one getting basted.  It's 75"x60".  I found this one in a thrift store.  So dirty, that I washed it 4 times!  There were also pages from a mail order catalog used for the paper piecing!  Those were removed before the washings.  The fabrics are mostly solid colors.  And the side rows are different, as if someone else added to it.  It's a typical piece that is made to be used for warmth.  Used up scraps and will cover you up.  Not beautiful, but I love it!  Again, so much time and effort in it!  Hand pieced and will have an overall hand quilted design when I'm done. 
So don't worry about being perfect!  Quilts are for warmth, comfort and love.  Enjoy the process!  I love that these old quilts will get finished after they have left the original makers.  I do wonder who made each one, and what were they for.  The story behind every quilt should be on a label on the back.  Let people know who worked on it and where you found them. 

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