Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Making things!

Out of leftover scraps and strips from the 2 quilt tops that I made, I made another purse.  I love making purses, but will never use them all.  So look at the pictures and tell me a price that you might pay for this.  I thought about making enough to do a craft/art fair.  There is a flat pocket on this side.

This is the pocket for a water bottle.  Sits in there nicely and the water doesn't get onto anything in the purse.

A baggier pocket on the other side.  Elastic in the top to make it close a little more.  Velcro is in the 2 big pockets and the next one on the out side.

This is a great side to put in the phone or your keys... The handle is quilted with cotton batting in it so it doesn't dig into your shoulder.

Inside there are 2 pockets on one side, with a flap for fun.  Could also put a phone or wallet in either of these pockets.

Other side has a pocket that has pleats in the sides and bottom.  Will hold a larger amount.  Can you tell I love pockets?!  There is Velcro to close this one.  I always make the lining of the purse in a light color so it is easier to see what is down in there!!!  So?  What do you think would be a good price on this?  I wanted to make up purses for different seasons.  Could be a cute idea!

Here is the quilt top done with all the cars and trucks!  It turned out so cute!

Close up on some cars.

There were street signs also.

Just a great quilt for a boy!!! Or someone who likes to drive all kinds of things.
Ok, I did get a lottery ticket.  I never win more than $7 at any time.  But a BILLION $, I'll get in there and see if anything happens.  It's fun to participate.  What would I do with all that cash?  Build a bigger house with more room to store fabric and quilts!  Just too much to believe.  But we could also build that garage that Terry would love.  I would hire a chef and a cleaning service.  That about covers that!  Oh, and I would rent a track and invite everyone who drives to come and spend the day there!  Too much fun. 
So play with your fabrics and make lots of stuff.  Don't worry about corners meeting, or other things.  Do it for fun!  Do it for you! 

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