Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Slowly working on this vest...

One woman who was a charter member of the local guild, died.  Her family sent her fabrics to the meeting.  I found a ziplock bag with some things in it.  And it was a vest she was in the process of making.

She had constructed different  parts, like these, and I put them together my way.  (Since I never could read minds!)

This is the back!  A big pinwheel there.. . some machine quilting, and I admit, I'm not good at that at all!

As you can see, there are a few wrinkles on the other side.  Hoping they just iron out!

These are the front pieces!  I love how it turned out!

The inside of the front pieces!  I had enough strips to make one whole side.  Then went to the light blue that I had added.  The way I do vests now... is finish all the edges off first.  Then overlap the shoulders to make it fit.  Then overlap the sides to adjust to fit.  How many times do you make something and it just isn't right!!!

At the show, we had a display of small quilts that the Thursday Bee Group had made.  We used Jim Lyal's naturally dyed fabrics, and we each made one in techniques that we use today.

Not sure I spelled his name right.  He died several years ago, and his wife brought the fabrics to us and Tuesday Bee.

Love all the variations!

Hope you all got to see them there!
We went to the Mid Ohio Track last Sunday.  Drove on Monday and Tuesday!  Terry did great!!!  He's good!  Got up into the intermediate group and soloed!!!  I drove Monday and was ok.  I rode with the instructor in his car and after 1 1/2 laps, I was car sick!  UGH!!!  This is why I like to drive.  So Monday afternoon, I just hung out.  Tuesday was great!  I was learning the track and getting better.  You just need to keep at things.  DONT QUIT! 
Same with quilting.  Try new things, different fabrics and designs.  It's fun to discover something new that you can do easily, or use different ideas.  I'm forever buying magazines and books.  The ideas are all here.  I need things to look at to get the spark going some days.  I love seeing what else people are making. 
Ever stop and just say, "I want to make something else that no one else has ever done!"  It's not as easy as it sounds but that's what keep the quilting world fresh!  You might not like modern quilts, but they will lead us into other designs.  I love them  And that has been around for a while.  It's just started to be "accepted".  So get in there and cut something up.  Try laying it out in a few different ways and take a picture of those.  Then mix it up with something else.  Cut across it and add lines.  Put in folded triangles and beads!  This is supposed to be fun!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

More of the show!

Here's my Flamingo with the 2nd place ribbon!  Judge liked the tutu!

This is all machine quilted.  Small piece and very well done.!

I got to see some of the vendors.  She has beautiful jewelry with quilt designs in them.  Go see!

Got this picture.  It's about as close a shot as I could get. 

The bead vendor has some cool stuff! I did get a book from her!  It's very different!  She's a local shop.

Her things are really nice.  She does have teachers come in and has classes.

Now this booth has stencils that are like silk screening.  I have a ton of the "old" style stencils... so I wasn't going to start to replace all those.  But it looked so cool how he does this.  That's what these next pictures are.

Stencil on the fabric. 

He uses the pouncer, but you rub it not pounce it.

And the power comes through.  The white powder just irons away, or goes away in the dryer.  I did get 2 marking pencils that mark on dark fabrics through the older stencils and then can iron off the markings.

Here's the back corner booth.  Fabric at very good prices!  Batik's at $9 a yard.... had to leave before I let myself go....

This is the border of the best of show bed quilt!  I really love it!

Here's the whole quilt.  Linda Roy does it again!!!

Here's mine!  I got an Honorable Mention.  Guess what...?  Around the corner was the third place was a t shirt quilt that was machine quilted.  Mine is all hand quilted.... The hostess pointed that out to me.  What was the judge thinking?  Should I get wigged out?
Nay.  I get to keep my quilt.  It took the first place at the show in Norris last year.  You just never know if she was judging this category right before lunch and just wanted to get done.  You can't get upset at the ribbons.  I make quilts for fun (ie..the blue flamingo!).   Just go with the flow, and hope karma kicks the right person!
Which reminds me...Thursday bee's next challenge is "curses".  Got a few more ideas!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Eye Candy time!

I helped to set up the quilt show yesterday.  These quilts are the art category winners...first is in the middle, second is on the left and third is on the right.  When we got done hanging up the quilts, they had to put up the signage and ribbons.  So I don't know who made every thing or what they won!  Good reason to go to the show this weekend!

This is my quilt for the challenge they had!  We had to be inspired by a song.  this is "Swan Lake."  Flamingoes love to dance ballet!  this one is on an algee free diet, so she isn't pink.  They did tell me I got a second place for this!

This is Gloria Felter's "Ninety Six Tears".  Love it!!!

Other challenge pieces.

And one more that was interesting with the selvage prints!

Some one did this dragon with the batiked panel.

This is my "Ice Dragon".  Did some beading on it.

I think this is one by Candace Tucker...

Linda Roy's!

Don't know who did this, but I love it!

I helped to hang up the quilts here.  Art Category.

Sometimes I'm in such a hurry to get a picture that it's out of focus a bit....

Love things that are different!!!

The sheep are so cute!

This is so much better in person.  It just shines.

The chickens are adorable!  Great applique.

Closeup work!

The puppy is so cute! 

Another beautiful quilt.

The waterfall has some felting in it. 

The modern quilts are getting better and better.

I don't do paper piecing.  Just have a terrible time getting it right.  So I do appreciate all that went into this one!

Gloria's other quilt in there!  I love the whole design!

Sometimes simple designs are so clear and wonderful.

And then there is mine... Warp 9.  The camera didn't like it!  I did do a lot of big stitch with embroidery in it.  Cut some holes and stitched them back. 

Here's my other modern one.  Out side the Lines.  I had it basically quilted and done with out the circles.  And it looked too I added the circles at the very end!

This is so neat and clean lines!  I love it.  There was a lot of this style back in the 70's.  Nice to see up dates to designing.

This one I have seen in magazines, and the Paducah quilt show. 

I just thought this was cute!

Another nice modern design.

Closeup of the quilting in it!

This one belongs to someone else, but I did quilt it.  She bought the top in an antique shop and just couldn't leave it unfinished. 

This is really nice.  Picture doesn't to it justice.

And my big one!  Tide Pools.  Just love the colors in it.  It was in a show last year and several people asked me if it was for sale.  I really want to keep this one for our house.

Right next to it is this cool one.  Love the colors in it!
Go to see shows!  They are inspiring to me!  And put your quilts out there to be seen.  I don't win much, but I love to see them up.  And other people love to see quilts up close.  At a quilt meeting,  people hold their quilts up for just a minute or two and it's gone.  Nice to see them at a distance and then go up close!
I didn't get a chance to really see if there were a lot of hand quilted quilts.  I do love those.  So many are machine quilted, and I do like them, but being a hand quilter, I just love to see that someone has taken the time to put each stitch in by hand. 
I'm going to try and get back down to the show tomorrow.  Be nice to see who got ribbons and who made some of these I haven't see before.     The show is at Maryville College, Maryville, TN.