Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Elf time!

I'm making 8 placemats that one guild will give to a place for their Christmas.  I have 4 quilted and 2 have the binding on.  Now my eyes need a break! 

It's another gray raining day outside.  4 in a row!  So doing Christmas goodies cheers me up!

Dug out lots of Christmas prints and some other fun prints for the backing.  Machine quilting straight lines.  So they look ok.

This is the quilt storage room, that has now become Christmas central.  Making stacks of things that are wrapped...

There is a table in here that makes it easy to get things done.  Just have to be careful not to cut any of the quilts lying around.

This is the one in the frame!  Down to the last corner!  Then around the edges, and binding. 
Plenty going on around here and our house phone isn't working!  It says in use.... it's like it won't hang up.  Does this after lots of rain... but AT&T says it's in the house!  Not so!  And if they don't fix it, I'm dropping them!  What a pain in the A$$. 
This is the 499 posting on my blog!  WOW!  What fun!  I hope people have read it and gone and made more quilts.  Get out your tools and cut up all that pretty fabric!  I have plenty of that and really want to do more quilts!  So I hope we get snowed in this winter!  I would love an excuse to keep at it in the sewing room.  I'll be there anyway, but I don't have an excuse!!!
I had a great Turkey day.  Good food and friends!  Terry has to work over Christmas day, so we'll do that holiday later after he gets home.  Gives me a bit more time to get ready!
Smile!  It really makes people wonder what you have been up to. 

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