Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dresden Plate quilt is done!

First, there is a bluebird trying to stay warm!  There were 2 out there when I went to get the camera.  It was 24 degrees outside yesterday morning.  They were all fluffed up and the frosty railing.  (it is through my dirty kitchen window and screen.)

This is a wonderful quilt!  The Plates were made by this woman's great grandmother.  The 4 corners were the ones she had appliqued on to fabric.  The other plates I appliqued onto muslin.

Had several large areas to fill in.  So I did do some feathered wreaths.  The background is all cross hatching.

Around each plate is more feather stitching. 

All hand work done.  Cotton batting inside.

There was an odd number of plates, so I started with one in the middle and did odd numbers around the center one.  I love getting the old quilts done.  Someone had put a lot of work into the plates.  Now its a quilt that can be enjoyed!
I love some parts of the holidays.  But I feel like I'm being pushed into Christmas by feeling like I HAVE to go shopping.  I used to love walking around stores looking for fun gifts.  But it feels like a never ending marathon now.  My brother wanted to know what we wanted for Christmas.  I told him to give something to a charity and just let us know what he did.  Honestly, do we need more stuff!  I have more fabric than I will ever use up in my lifetime.  But I do plan on living until I have almost cut it all up!
So if I keep making these, what do I do with them?  OK!  I want to sell them.  I have things that I have quilted up trying new techniques.  I get older quilt tops and hand quilt those.  Need to be finished!  I sometimes just do a pattern that I like.  So I have quite a variety of quilts right now.  If anyone is interested, let me know and I can email you pictures.  I will start to post them.  And when they are gone...well, I'll be making more!
Happy Cutting!  Whether it's fabric or turkey!

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