Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dresden Plate quilt is done!

First, there is a bluebird trying to stay warm!  There were 2 out there when I went to get the camera.  It was 24 degrees outside yesterday morning.  They were all fluffed up and the frosty railing.  (it is through my dirty kitchen window and screen.)

This is a wonderful quilt!  The Plates were made by this woman's great grandmother.  The 4 corners were the ones she had appliqued on to fabric.  The other plates I appliqued onto muslin.

Had several large areas to fill in.  So I did do some feathered wreaths.  The background is all cross hatching.

Around each plate is more feather stitching. 

All hand work done.  Cotton batting inside.

There was an odd number of plates, so I started with one in the middle and did odd numbers around the center one.  I love getting the old quilts done.  Someone had put a lot of work into the plates.  Now its a quilt that can be enjoyed!
I love some parts of the holidays.  But I feel like I'm being pushed into Christmas by feeling like I HAVE to go shopping.  I used to love walking around stores looking for fun gifts.  But it feels like a never ending marathon now.  My brother wanted to know what we wanted for Christmas.  I told him to give something to a charity and just let us know what he did.  Honestly, do we need more stuff!  I have more fabric than I will ever use up in my lifetime.  But I do plan on living until I have almost cut it all up!
So if I keep making these, what do I do with them?  OK!  I want to sell them.  I have things that I have quilted up trying new techniques.  I get older quilt tops and hand quilt those.  Need to be finished!  I sometimes just do a pattern that I like.  So I have quite a variety of quilts right now.  If anyone is interested, let me know and I can email you pictures.  I will start to post them.  And when they are gone...well, I'll be making more!
Happy Cutting!  Whether it's fabric or turkey!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Time flies while you try to keep up!

Here is the Dresden plate quilt that I have been quilting on.  You can see there are several large areas that need quilting.  Older quilts have the cross hatching in the background.

So I had to mark the whole back ground and quilt it.  A lot of work, but it looks wonderful!  Just need to put on the binding.

This is me in the newspaper section, Style.  I need to make some newer clothes.  They are so much fun to make and wear.   A friend of mine turned my name into the newspaper years ago, and they photographed me.  It was fun! 

This is a small quilt all about cats.  Just had fun playing with the sayings.  Every fabric on it has something about cats in it.

This is the other side.. more cats!  I made it with a friend in mind... She lives in Scotland.... I don't know if she would like to have it or not.  Maybe I need to email her and find out! 

Here is my curses challenge.  I had another much bigger idea to make...but my time doesn't seem to be my own lately!  Thursday bee wanted to do a challenges about curses.  Came about from a story that was told to us about a woman in a very bad marriage.  So she made quilts and sewed curses into them, like: "may any man show sleeps under this die."  There were a lot more, but you get the idea.

I don't remember if I showed the row by row challenge that I finished.  I won the  fabric from a local shop.  I do love this quilt!!!
The gardens all need some kind of attention.  Whether it's trimming, or getting the leaves out of them.  Need to spray roundup on the new garden bed that Terry put in the front lawn.  And I need to up date quicken soon.  I spent the whole morning cleaning things.  Bathroom, my CPAP equipment, the dishwasher looked gross inside, and laundry.  Just stuff that you have to do that no one notices unless you don't do them.  So I went and treated myself to a mocha frappe at Books a  Million.  And then had fun picking out books and toys to give to the Children's Hospital!  They take donations through BAM.  I love that!  Now I'm in a much better mood!  Easy to pick out kids toys and books... I got a couple for me too. Can't help it.  The one with stickers was adorable.
I finished quilting out to the edge of the plates quilt, and cut out the binding.  That will get sewn up and attached tomorrow.  The quilt in the frame is coming along quicker since it went into the frame.  I want to get that done in time so she can send it to the great grand baby! 
Thanksgiving is next week!  I have a great friend who always takes me in for the holiday!  There have been several other people who invite me over.  If it's just me, and one other member of my family, I can't see cooking all that stuff just for a "holiday".  I always bring something over, usually the sparkling cranberry or apple cider drink.  And this year, I'll make brownies.  I'm great at desserts... just not too hot on other stuff. 
So give Thanks for your friends who understand you!  Eat well.  Do something for someone else who might need some help.  It will make you feel good! 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Where have I been? To a quilt show!

Don't you love it when you take a trip and there's a quilt show going on that you just "bump" into?! 

I went to see my sister in NH.  Had to drive there in the fun car!  And I picked up the Sunday paper at about 2:45...and there it was!  A quilt show that was to end at 4pm....

Run!  We went and got there late, so no charge to get in!  We went around and saw the quilts.  The vendors looked not much shopping.  Laura did get cards and addresses so we could get to shops that were close by.

I didn't get much information about this challenge, but the workmanship was pretty good!!!

There were some very interesting quilts in here!  Love the colors they used.

Eye candy!

Very nice designs.

Just love the way the colors blend.

This was so striking.  Pictures don't do it justice.

So much fun to see what others are making.

I have seen this one, so I'm wondering if its a pattern or the same quilt?!

This was neat!  Abstract is great.

Then there are the fun ones!  Love the bunnies!

All pieced.

This was beautiful.  The woman who made it won the sewing machine.  We were there when they drew the name. 

Another challenge piece.  Looks very real to me!

Something about the fortunes in cookies.  They had to incorporate the fortune into their piece.

This was cool.

And an uber mini paper pieced one.

These flowers were really well done.

Lots of 3-d in the flowers.
So do you plan a vacation around quilt shows?  Or do you just "happen" to come upon them?  I do both.  Mostly plan a trip around them. But love it when you happen to find one going on.
People have all told me not to say on line when I am going out of town.  Could lead to people coming to your home when you are away.  It would be crazy quilters to get my fabrics!  But I understand the line of thinking.  I still would like to talk about the trips while they are going on.  I just get wrapped up in the trips and don't use the computer very much.
If you get up to Maine...there is a great store that has a lot of things in it, especially fabric!!!  And the prices range from $3.49 to $4.99 for quilting fabric!  Yes!  I always go there.  It's Mardens.  And I always drive up so I can bring back the fabrics and not worry about how heavy a suitcase might be on a plane! 
I don't know what happened to this year! It's flown by.  I'm teaching a hand quilting class this Saturday in town.  So nice to have a quilting store in town!!!  Atomic Fibers in Oak Ridge, TN.  They have yarns also. 
Did Halloween happen?  And that holiday with the bird is coming up.... and Christmas... just going by too, too fast.  I still want it to be summer.  I had to work in the garden a couple of days ago.  That always hurts my hands.  I have several quilts to work on and would rather be doing that than gardening.  But winter will be here all too soon and the flowers have to be set to bed for the winter!